Getting my smart home started. How is Homey Pro’s device compatibility, and with Homekit? Should I buy Homey Pro?

I’m getting ready to jump in to making my home a smart home and have been doing a lot of research. I’ve already decided I’m going to use HomeKit and am trying to decide what hub to get for z-wave and other non-supported devices. I don’t want to use Home Assistant as I don’t think I want to spend a ton of time debugging things as I go, but I do want freedom to create fun or useful automations.

So are there any reasons I shouldn’t get started with Homey Pro? Should I just use home bridge or another hub? Specifically, I have heard complaints about not having as many devices that are compatible with Homey Pro here in the USA. I have read that a lot of the uncertified apps for some devices aren’t supported very well. Should I go another direction based on compatible devices or any other reason?

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Welcome Jeff!

From my point of view, and I’m not an Athom employee, Homey Pro is a good, very good product that I would recommend to my friends. Nevertheless, there are certainly still points here and there that could be optimized. But I can also see that Athom has optimized and added a lot in recent years and that this development will continue.

But to be honest, who is supposed to give you a reliable answer?
Some users will say that Homey is the best smart home control center you can currently get, other users will say that Homey is garbage.
It seems that you have already invested a lot of time and done your own research, so form your own conclusion. Or ask specific questions about certain manufacturers and/or apps. There is a separate topic for almost every app.Check the App Store or the relevant App Topic to see whether your (future) devices are supported. You might also want to see the “Ask Me Anything” video, I assume there are lots of interesting questions and answers.

However, I would like to give you one advice. If you decide to buy a Homey, then buy a Homey Pro. The number of available apps and the technology are clearly superior to the Homey Bridge.