Matter "BRIDGE" device type support, any word?

Since recently HP23 has Matter support, great! Right now this is limited to lights, sockets, and sensors.
Is there any information on if, and when, device type “bridge” will be added to this?
Specifically, I’m aiming to add a Aqara M2 hub as Matter bridge, similar to this topic.

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How would the community know… :upside_down_face: Only Athom can tell:

All that’s known is in the blog post you refer to.

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When I reported not being able to add my Switchbot hub, I was told it’s not supported yet. So I live in hope support will be added at some point but no idea of timescale.

Since v10.0.0-rc.139 Homey Pro 2023 supports Matter Bridges.
Homey Pro (Early 2023) Changelog | Homey


  • Add support for Matter Bridges.

Have you tried it with your Aqare Hub M2?
Im intressted to know if Temperature and Humidity Sensor, Motion Sensor P1 and Presence Sensor FP2 works as sensors in Homey via Matter Bridge.

It does find the hub 2 and finds the temperature and humidity readings on the hub.
At the moment that is the only crossover in support as the hub 2 can only add the curtains, blinds and locks, which are not currently supported by Homey.
Hopefully they will both expand supported devices at some point so the crossover enlarges.

Edit: just read your message again and realised you said the Aqara hub 2 and I replied about the Switchbot hub 2. Sorry about the confusion.
The new Homey firmware does find the Aqara hub but I don’t have any compatible devices connected to it, so Homey failed to add it.

Thanks for the info.

Hopefully someone else have more sensors in their Aqara Hub M2 and are willing to share their experiences.

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Don’t have so many device on my M1S, but two of them works + the night light :smiley:


Currently running 10.0.1-rc.1 with Aqara Hub M2 connected through Matter, and both my Door and Window sensor and Temperature/Humidity sensor seem to work fine. Pretty neat to see the highly anticipated Matter in action.
When I’m sufficiently convinced about stability I will attempt to move a variety of Aqara switches over to their own ecosystem, which are now connected to Homey through the Aqara app. Of course the goal should be to get rid of any hubs other than Homey, but this way Aqara device firmwares stay updated


Not being a specialist but looking for expert advices to establish a potential roadmap for my aqara devices (a lot connected to Heimdal), what would be the best ?

  1. connecting your Matter aqara sensors directly with Thread not requiring the Aqara Hub M2 or
  2. As suggested here by @jcrueter indeed keep the aqara devices in their own ecosystem using the Aqara Hub M2 ?
    Could someone elaborate a bit more on the Pros & Cons ? Many thanks

I think the main reason for keeping devices (Zigbee/Z-wave) in their own hub (IKEA, Hue, Aqara and so on) is for keeping the ability to update the devices firmware.

So for me I hope to connect old devices to their respective hub and hope for Matter Bridge capabilities.

For a device to be Matter certified it must have the capability to recive firmware updates OTA (Over The Air), so hopefully Homeys Matter implementation supports to distribut firmware updates OTA.

So for me I will connect new Matter devices direct to Homey.

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Does the Matter certification also say that the firmware needs to be publicly available, though?

According to Matter Specification (, section 11.19. Over-the-Air (OTA) Software Update, the vendor (of the Matter device) publish new firmware versions to an (their own) ‘vendor server’ and announse that via an URI in the DCL för the OTA Provider to read.

So, I hope that Homey will implement the Matter service OTA Provider on Homey Pro 2023.

From what I’m reading, OTA providers should support firmware updates for devices from different vendors, but I’m not sure there’s an actual requirement for vendors to publish their firmwares.

Quick question. I am struggling pairing Aqara M2 hub with homey 2023 firmware v10.0.8.

Did you pair in the standard way. Adding new device, Matter, Matter activation code from Aqara app magical things happens and you are paired?

I am missing the magic. It just keeps on “connecting” forever and eventually times out.

No expert here, but from what I have read @ this forum:
with a Hue hub, the Matter pairing procedure pairs all devices with Homey which are already paired with the Hue hub;
Meaning, it does not pair the Hue hub itself.
I can imagine the same procedure goes for an other brand’s hub. Do you have any devices paired with your Aqara hub? If yes, and it’s a light, can you try to add an Aqara light via Matter?

No expert either but my understanding is different.
Homey pairs with the hue hub since hub was needed). Pairing with the matter compatible hub gives access to all lights paired with the hub even if not these are not matter compatible them selves.
The Aqara M2 hub is matter compatible but my end devices are not. The end devices (window sensor) was earlier connected to the homey via an app but. Communication is via Zigbee and now I have to many Zigbee devices (Homey accept maximum 15 Zigbee devices directly connected to the homey hub). There for I need a Zigbee hum (the Aqara M2) connected to homey vie matter giving homey access to the homey ZigBee end devices.
Here is the problem. I have tried to add the Aqara M2 hub to HomeKit. that worked flawlessly and I got access to all the window devices paired with the hub in HomeKit. The Aqara M2 hub I connected to HomeKit via Matter.
When I tried to do the same to homey it fails. Anny suggestion to what be wrong?

I think it’s best to reach out to Support | Homey

That’s rubbish when you own a Pro 2023!
What you’re referring to, is the zigbee settings for the Pro 2019. (And just for the record, it doesn’t stop with 15 router devices paired directly to Homey → you can add around 25 additional router or end devices, which will use either one of the directly paired router devices, or they use the later added router devices. One user even reported using 70 zigbee devices in totals w/o issues.)

But, since you own a Homey Pro 2023, this is the zigbee how-to for that model, and imho you don´t really need another zigbee hub

My guess is that it cannot be connected to HomeKit and Homey at the same time, but “it fails” isn’t much to go on.

If the Aqara M2 hub still is connected to Apple Home via Matter, then you need to start the pairing process from Apple Home.