Matter Device Support

Tried looking this up but no luck… I have purchased 2 Aqara door/window sensors P2 (Matter supported) but I keep getting errors adding the two sensors. Same on Google home. Pairing keeps failing while it does recognizes the sensors. Does this has to do with Thread? (ie no Thread support yet on HP2023)

No, because otherwise it wouldn’t have recognized your sensors at all. I think the current Matter implementation of Homey just lacks specific support for these sensors.

Ok, thanks. But then they should be able connect to Google Home I guess but that might require a series 2 Nest hub

With Zigbee, Aqara is known for using “custom” attributes that are undocumented. Perhaps with Matter they’re doing the same?

@robertklep @Inunekko
I’m not experienced with Matter, but this shop mentions a Thread border router is needed for this sensor

Athom also mentioned it for Matter devices, which use Thread, to work for now;
this Aqara sensor should work in that case.
If not → report to Athom beta channel.

A Nest hub as mentioned should work, I’ve a Nest hub which advertises itself as border router on HA

It doesn’t say which type of sensor, but I doubt all possible types of sensors are supported.

The issue isn’t a lack of border router, because otherwise Homey wouldn’t have found anything.

If Matter is really a standard, it should :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grimacing:
But yeah, then Athom should not have stated this black on white:
The beta allows you to pair and control the device types listed below.
- sensors

But we all know they’re always “a bit optimistic” in statements :sweat_smile: , and the word ‘beta’ is there with a purpose :innocent:

Like I wrote, I’m not experienced with Matter, but the stuff I found and posted tells me a border router is a must with this sensor (until Thread is implemented).

We’ll find out when @Inunekko gets the sensor working via Matter some day

That’s not how these things work.

Matter will undoubtedly standardize the majority of sensor types that are out there (temperature, humidity, pressure, motion/occupancy, etc), but if Athom didn’t implement the part of the standard that is required for this particular sensor, it simply won’t work.

The first post states that “Pairing keeps failing while it does recognizes the sensors”.

So Homey can see the sensors. This means there’s a border router present, otherwise Homey wouldn’t have been able to see them at all.

What my understanding is that indeed I need a border router for this device. As indicated on the webshop. The nest hub is a series 1 and only series 2 can act as a border router. But then you wouldn’t expect them to show up at all. They do show up in both Google Home and HP2023
But won’t connect. I have submitted a ticket to Athom. Also got a aqara fp2 sensor which doesn’t support Matter yet but have it working via IFTTT.

I also tried sharing the P2 from an Apple Home Hub to Homey. The pairing process is working but after it I got an error message from the Homey App that the device type is not supported at the moment. Sharing of an Eve Energy Plug to Homey is working fine.

Sharing the P2 to Google Home or Home Assistant is working.

Should work imho with this howto? It’s a different unsupported sensor, but it’s about the way to go:

With the fairly new protocols like matter and thread, I’d say realy carefull check if all parties in your environment do support it. If they do, then politely ask the support desk on the details or wether they support connecting to ‘the other brand’.

For homey with matter and thread I have the next on my mind, please update me if I’m off:
Matter will be supported in a version somewhere in 2023. I have not read any releasenote that states that matter is supported hence it might not be supported on current versions.
Thread is as far as I know not jet supported on the new devices, this might be due to matter not jet being supported.
Thread support might not come at all to the older HomeyPro devices, this is due to hardware/technical issues. Some say thread is in conflict with one of the other hardware based protocols.

In the end: I do hope all homey hardware will support matter in the near future.

I had another go today and when adding the contact sensors I now got a notification that a thread border router is required. So only Matter devices without thread can be added I guess.

They wrote in the Matter anouncement you’ll need an external Thread Border Router for now

Matter won’t be supported on HP2019, etc, only on the new HP2023.
The latest firmware does support Matter but it is still early days, so it on supports a few sensor types at the moment.

I’m thinking of adding a Thread router for now, what is preferable a Homepod mini or Nest Hub 2?
I think my preference would be a Nest Hub2.

I am not sure if that is right, I would think that Matter is supported by all versions of homey.

Thread - will not be supported by older Homeys

Thread and Matter are not listed as being supported on anything but the HP2023 on this page:

Interesting, I good call out, Adrian and Robert might be right, ignore me.

Hi, I could connect the aquara p2 sensors. 7 sensors yesterday. Everything worked perfect till today. Since 15 o’clock the homey doesn’t update the sensors state (open or closed) anymore. And I can’t add new devices…at the very last window where homey athom says connecting device to homey it stops. But interesting is,.that when you look in the timeline, there all device states are updating without problems!!! That’s curious. Ae also the pictures.

Does anyone know about that problem? Why did it work 2 days. Without problems, and stops now???