Aqara Door Window Sensor P2 - Matter version

Trying to link this sensor (Aqara Window & Door Sensor P2 Version) to Homey Pro and all goes to plan, select add device, use matter tile, enter matter ID and then it pauses and says unable to add device but no reason or error code - anyone else experiencing this? I’m assuming it is now supported as it finds it and tries to install it too.

I’m not sure yet if Homey supports the sensors at this early stage. Matter is still beta. Please check whether Matter has a different routine for learning. I felt the same way with the Switchbot Hub 2. With the Hub 2 and the Hue Bridge, not all devices are supported yet. I think we still have to wait.

This will currently not work as these devices require a Thread router (AppleTV, Homepod or Nest Hub) untill Homey support Thread. See Matter Device Support - Devices - Homey Community Forum

Thanks and yep I figure it must be the thread part that’s not fully available yet, it does at least find it and try and install so it will hopefully be fully intergrated soon.

Thats a good shout, thanks. I have an Apple TV 4K so may give that a try while waiting for full support.

If you have a Thread Border Router, then Homey Pro 2023 can use that to reach Matter devices over Thread.

Matter (Beta) for Homey Pro (Early 2023) – Homey Support


Thread support for Homey Pro (Early 2023) is expected to be released in Q3 of 2023. For now, in order to pair Matter devices that use Thread, it is required to have another Thread Border Router on your Wi-Fi network (e.g. Apple HomePod Mini, Google Nest Hub 2, etc…). A third-party Thread Border Router will no longer be required once Thread for Homey Pro (Early 2023) is available.

  • Google Home users should make sure their Thread Border Router is available in the Google Home App (read more).
  • Apple Home users should make sure their Thread Border Router is available in the Apple Home App (read more).
  • If you have a Thread Border Router which cannot be added to either Google Home or Apple Home, you should pair your Matter device to your Thread Border Router before pairing it to Homey Pro. In the app of your Thread Border Router you should be able to put the Matter device in pairing mode again. You will receive a pairing code from the app which you can use for pairing the Matter device with Homey Pro.

I am considering getting one of these sensors. Can anyone confirm that it’s working with Homey Pro 2023 via a compatible Thread Border Router? I have both HomePod Minis and Apple TV 4K so based on the support topic I’m hoping that I first pair the device with HomeKit and then I should be able to add it and get it working with Homey Pro 2023?

Does anyone know if there is a date for full thread support for Homey Pro yet? i.e. so no 3rd party router needed?

I didnt end up trying Apple TV as I found I had two spare non-thread sensors which I’ve used for now. Hopefully someone else has tried it and can feedback on results.
Thanks D

There isn’t.

I can confirm, I have 2 sensors working, you can connect them directly to HP2023

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Thank you for confirming @Inunekko

When you say you can connect them ‘directly’ to the HP2023, do you mean add using a Thread border router and if so which one do you have?


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Yes, I have a Homepod mini as a thread router. But you dont need to connect it to Home first

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Perfect, thank you

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Thanks for feedback, super useful information.

What is the situation today? Does it work without a router since thread is activated on Homey?

It works, but Matter/Thread is as unstable as zigbee in HP2023. All devices stopped working at once and then came back on after 5-10 minutes. I removed them from HP2023 and connected them only to AppleTV and it works without problems.

Thanks for your reply.
I’ve bought these sensors, I’ll see how they work and get back to you.

That’s because both protocols use the same chip and have to share transfer rate. If you are then using WiFi (not necessarily for Homey, but in general), that transfer rate might slow down even more. At some point the number of Zigbee/Thread devices that you have connected to Homey will exceed that transfer rate, and you’ll run into issues.

That’s also why Home Assistant, for their Sky Connect Zigbee/Thread dongle (which has the same chip as Homey does), advices to use separate dongles for Zigbee and Thread (which isn’t possible with Homey).

Hi @Inunekko
Do i understand that de Door and Windows Sensor P2 is working on the Homey Pro from 2023? I now have Door and Window Sensors from the old version and they work perfectly on the Homey Pro 2023. I am therefore curious whether the Door and Window Sensor P2 really works so that I do not buy them for nothing.

Otherwise I’m thinking about purchasing the older version again. Thanks in advance for your answer. Or could @TedTolboom possibly give the right answer to this?

Hi, Yes, I have them connected via Matter. I did via a thread router (Ipod mini), but I guess that is no required anymore (not sure though)

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