I can not Pairing Aqara M2 hub via matter to homey pro 2023

I am running a few Aqara end Zigbee battery devices and have reached the max number of 15 devices for Homey. I have therefor bought a Aqara M2 hub matter compatible but are not able to pair it with homey.

I have tried to pair it with homekit and it worked flawlessly giving access to an Aqara window censor paired with the Aqara M2 HUB.

From my understanding the Aqara HUB should be compatible with homey via matter and the Aqara window censors should also work this way.

When trying to pair the hub I go via homey, add new device, choose matter, I find the aqara hub and are asked for the matter activation code I get from the Aqara app. so far all is working as should. Then Homey starts adding the Aqara hub but never finish the pairing it just keeps on going until it times out.
Anyone has any Idea what might be the problem?

I am running on the latest firmware version.


Matter is still in Beta, so I don’t now is it is already up and running.

15 is not the max of zigbee devices that you can add to Homey.
15 devices is, as far as i know, the max of devices that can be directly added to Homey. (Homey Pro, before the 2023 version)
I don’t have much zigbee devices, 31, but there are 9 routers and 22 end-devices.
If you only use battery devices you should add extra router devices like a smart plug or lightbuld.
Maybe first delete some battery devices, add some routers, reboot Homey and then, when all the devices are connected, add the removed battery devices again.

This limit for directly connected devices isn’t even for the newer Homey Pro (early 2023), this limit is for the older Homey pro’s that used way older ZigBee chips.
What the exact limit is, has never been verified by Athom, but is higher.

Now currently have 64 zigbee devices, but definitely don’t feel a limit yet like i was seeing with the older Homey’s, though most (48) are routing devices.

I’m fairly sure it’s 32.

I’ve got the honey pro 2019. Is there any possibility to connect the Aqara M2 hub to honey? I don’t want to disconnect all devices from the hub to pair it newly to homey

To my knowledge no, you can only pair an Aqara Hub M2 to Homey Pro 2023 via Matter.

I’ve got the homey pro 2023
How can I connect the Aqara M2 hub to homey pro 2023?

Add a generic Matter device and Scan the QR code?

I have tried this but it isnt playing nicely, I did add a couple of weeks back but i have been having issues with the Aqara FP2’s, the virtual flows were freezing and I had to keep refreshingg the pages. So I deleted all the Aqara devices and added everything back but still cant add the Aqara Hub, virtual flows still freezing and now this error when trying to identify device on the FP2 devices “connect ECONNREFUSED…IP…” please help!

Why not use the HomeKit Controller app for the FP2’s?

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Hey Robert
I want to use Homey for as much as I possibly can, I managed to get them connected to Homey Pro by following a youtube video and a thread on here

  1. Adding & using Aqara app
  2. Then delete from home kit
  3. Then added using the Homey app

But they are just super un-reliable, I have tried to reset and start from the top but I’m not sure if there is just stuff left behind that causing issues or just as they were at the begining, they work for a little whle then for no apparent reason, nothing, they just show constant occupation in the room with light on or off.

FP2 Sensor reading motion when room has been empty for 2hrs Screenshot 2024-01-06 142106
FP2 Sensor reading motion when room has been empty for 23hrs Screenshot 2024-01-06 142106

Are you using the test version of the app?

Sorry Robert, test version? I have set up test rooms and devices but am pretty sure everything else is leggit?

@Harry_Shanker This is the test version of the Homekit Controller app.

What I have found is that when the sensors seem to freeze if I reset the HomeKit and the FP2’s come back online, I think it is something to do with HomeKit, right?
Is there anyway to auto restart apps?