Is it possible to add aqara devices in homey and in aqara hub?


Because you need to reset the divice when you link it with homey or the aqara hub, it loses the link with homey or the aqara hub.

Who has a solution?
Hopefully something like Philips hue. That works great.

Thanks in advance !

Most devices (ZigBee, ZWave, etc) can only be connected to one controller at a time, hence the need to reset when switching. The only solution is if you can connect the devices to a hub that can then be interfaced with Homey via WiFi.
As far as I can see the Aqara App does not support the hub so that rules that out. Can you connect the Aqara devices to the Philips Hue hub?
I see there is a mention of connecting some Aqara devices via the Xiaomi Mi Home App / Hub so maybe ask the app dev.

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see Xiaomi MI Magneetsensor kan niet door Xiaomi Mi Home app toegevoegd worden: - #3 by robertklep for the opposite problem and the solution for you: use the other app