Can't add Aqara-units to Homey anymore?!

I have several door and window sensors from Aqara on my Homey. But now I suddenly can’t add new devices (door sensor and light sensor).

Is this a known issue? Are there others who have the same problem?

The devices already added to Homey work fine.

I guess you don’t have any Zigbee routers, right? It’s not possible to add more than 15-17 battery-powered devices without Zigbee routers. Please read these support articles:

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Thank you for a very fast answer :slight_smile:

Do keep in mind Aqara has changed their sensors internally, maybe the ones you have are not supported yet.

In case the sensors are not supported in the Aqara app, they will be added as generic Zigbee device.

In this case, it indeed points towards either too many endDevices or Homey’s Zigbee network not being ready. A fresh restart of Homey sometimes resolves the issue of not being able to add devices.

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Hey Fantross,

I look at the Support news but one of my questions is:

I already have 15 Aquara Devices connected (but also some “Zigbeerouters” from other manufactorer) and can’t even connect more but no dedicated “Zigbeerouter” within Homey.
Do I need a dedicated Aquara Router or can I use any “Zigbee”-Router like Hue-Plug / Osram-Plug.
I have some of the Plugs installed - but they are within the Hue-Bridge - could that be the Problem?

Thanks :wink:

Best reguards,

Hi Daniel,
any Zigbee router, which is supported by Homey, can be used.

The Philips Hue Bridge uses its own Zigbee network/mesh. So Zigbee repeaters connected to the Philips Hue Bridge are not used by Homey. Both devices, Homey and the Hue Bridge, create their own Zigbee network.
So if you want to connect more Zigbee devices to Homey, Zigbee routers must also be added to Homey. The order is also important. You should connect all Zigbee routers to Homey first and then the end devices (battery powered devices).

  1. What Homey model you’re using?
  2. Can you please post a screenshot of your zigbee network/mesh (Developer Tools → Zigbee)?

Hey Fantross (Grüß dich und danke mal wieder für die Hilfe) :wink:

  1. Homey 2019 PRO
  2. OK, then I will take the Osram plugs out of the Hue mesh and include them directly via the Homey.
    So I can then use the plugs for the devices in the OG. In the ground floor I leave times the Homey as a master in it :slight_smile:

Hi Daniel (immer gerne :wink:),

The problem is indeed that you have already used up all the “free” Zigbee connection slots with battery-powered devices.
To add the Osram plugs, you need to delete some sensors first. This means that flows may need to be repaired.

Moin Moin,
also habe die Anzahle der Devices mal auf 10 reduziert - da beim Rest noch einige Flows dahinter stecken.
Ich kann aber irgendwie keinen SmartPlug am Homey direkt hinzufügen (weder über die Osram / Ledvanceapp) noch direkt über das Homey Zigbee.
Ich dachte erst es liegt an den Plugs (da ich im Forum an der ein oder anderen Stelle gelesen habe, dass diese Probleme machen) - aber nicht mal der Hue-Plug lässt sich am Homey-Zigbee anlernen (nicht mal über die eigene Hue-App vom Homey ohne Bridge).
Hast du das schon mal gehört? Wollte erst mal nachfragen, bevor ich mein Zigbee-Netzwerk resete (und es am Ende auch nicht hilft)…

Could we keep the conservation in English please? This is an English thread, sorry!

Make a PTP before adding the smart plugs, maybe this solves this issue. 15-30 minutes after PTP have a look at the Zigbee network/mesh if the deleted devices are gone.
And the smart plugs must be reset to factory settings before adding them again.


Additional, before resetting zigbee (= last resort imho),
starting Homey in recovery and perform the “full software download” did help other users with odd zigbee issues.

Nothing should get lost, but I’d recommend having a recent backup available.


Hey Peter, thank you - the PTP didnt helped.
So i will test the recovery tomorrow - thanks for the reply👍

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If you don’t know exactly how to do it, I got this instruction from Athom support:

You can try to fully re-install Homey Pro’s software. Don’t worry - doing this won’t erase any of your data on your Homey Pro. So all devices and flows will be kept

  1. Go to Homey Developer Tools and select “RESTART IN RECOVERY MODE” on the bottom of the screen.
  2. When Homey enters the Recovery Mode, please open the Homey mobile app and tap “More…”. After this please tap your Homey’s name beneath your account name, and tap the “Plus” icon to add a new Homey Pro.
  3. Connect your Homey app to HomeySetup-XXXXXX and then to your own WiFi network After checking for updates, please select “No” if you are prompted to restore a backup. (Only for Homey Pro users who have a backup subscription) The “Options” button in grey should become available after this. Tap “Options” and select “Download full software update”.

Please note: Apps which are installed via CLI and/or via Homey Community Store will NOT be re-installed!

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Thanks for the how-to Dirk!

Afaik, this is only the case when restoring a backup.
The full software download should just install / fix the OS again and not touch anything else.

Nope, I did the fully re-install like described above, because of some memory issues. After that the App Version Checker and the Homey Community Store I used before were deleted.
You can see it also in the timeline manager, the 2 apps are missing:

That’s odd Dirk. I didn’t have the same experience when only performing Full software download.
Maybe something’s changed in the mean time?

Don’t know, it’s 4 month ago when I did it. Maybe I made a mistake.

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I will remember to add your note next time, just to be sure.