Syncronize / add new matter devices from other bridge

Hi all, I am playing around with matter protocol and i have added hue lights and aqara sensors via respective bridges by piring with matter code. However I do not know how can I add newly added device in aqara or hue to Homey. If I try pairing bridge again I get the fail message saying the bridge is already paired. No new device appears. I could not find any sync function either. Any ideas? Many thanks.

Same problem here. Anyone who knows how I can add a new device to a already matter connected hue bridge to Homey? Or when I delete a matter device from Homey, how can I re-add them?

In case of hue via matter they get synchronized after a while (after 2h the button switch was there)

Keep in mind that only supported devices can be shown in homey (matter V1.1?)

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