Hue devices missing when added through Matter


playing around with Hue devices added through Matter I’ve noticed that three devices, all outdoor pedestals, are missing after I’ve added the Hue bridge via matter.

I am a bit reluctant to re-add the bridge using the pairing code provided by the Hue bridge. Don’t know exactly, just want to avoid messing up anything. :slight_smile:

Did somebody experienced missgin devices after the Hue bridge was added through Matter? Can I “re-add” the Hue bridge? After all that brings me to the question: How will a new Hue device be added to Homey after I’ve added it to the Hue bridge?

Revert to the previous state by using a backup?

Btw Matter is still in beta, I wouldn’t use it on my daily driver Homey.

As I do have only one Homey I do not have a real choice. :slight_smile: But as of now I do not really use Matter devices in flows (Hue lights and switches are still controlled through the Hue app).

I upgraded today to the newest experimental firmware 10.3.0-rc.7, removed the Hue app, all Hue Matter devices and re-added the Hue bridge as a Matter node. Now, all Hue devices are available. :+1:

For me this issue is solved.