Philips Hue / Matter. [SOLVED]

I have tried to add my Hue Bridge as a matter device using the code the Hue Bridge generates. Unfortunately without luck. After trying for a minute or so Homey Pro tells me that it’s not able to connect and I shall be sure that the Hue Bridge is in paring mode. As far as I can see it should be enough to write in the Matter code from Hue and not do any further. I can’t see where to put Hue bridge in paring mode besides of that. Am I missing something? Anyone had this (and solved) issue?

Hi Jimmy and welcome,

I found this howto in a special Hue & Matter topic:
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Also make sure Homey and Hue bridge are in the same subnet, like 192.168.10.x

Hi Peter

Thanks for linking to the post. I was aware of this and tried it with no luck. However after 3 days of struggling, including resetting both Homey Pro and the Hue bridge I finally found a workaround to make the pairing process working. Have no idea why this solution works compared to others but I will share it here for other to try if they bump into the same problem.

I locked/reserved the IP addresses on both Homey Pro and the Hue Bridge. Didn’t change the adresses, just locked to whatever my Linksys router had assigned them to. This didn’t help in the first place. However then I went into the Hue app and disabled DHCP for the Bridge and ran the Matter pairing process once more from Homey. And bingo, in around 1 second, all the Hue devices was “imported” as Matter devices. FYI I didn’t install any of the 2 Hue apps on Homey. So now it works and it was worth it. I experience quite difference in response time. It reacts much faster.

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Good to hear it’s solved.
Odd… I can only think of a device on your network which was set to a local static IP instead of DHCP, which happened to have the same IP as the reserved(locked) one for the Hue bridge?

Understand your thoughts, but no, there where no equal IP adresses assigned