Philips Hue on Matter gives error messages


I have a Homey Pro 23 + Homey bridge, and have my Hue bridge set up with matter.
Everything worked perfectly untill yesterday. All my flows or attempts to control the lights give me theese error messages:

When using Smart Presence:


Controlling through the Hue app is not a problem, but dimming etc is not.

What can be the issue?

Ingvard T.

Can you recall what changed yesterday? A firmware or app update perhaps?

I can’t see any updates to any system yesterday or the day before.

Its strange that I can turn on and off light in Homey, but I cant change color, scene, saturation etc. in flows, and I just tested if I could change anything on one of the lamps manually, but I get same error.

I have exactly the same. Suddenly Matter stopped completely last night and all my devices are corrupt and no longer work.