Add Philips Hue devices using Matter, not working

Moving to Matter with 3x Philips Hue bridges using iPhone (the menu in the Hue bridge app for Android works different) and Home Assistant.

I was preparing the move, but got lost in the many different articles. Philips bridges can do Matter and only require re-registering each Bridge to Homey after which all (or most) Philips bridge connected devices should show up.

PS I started this post with a request for tips, but now rewriting this post with my experience

Steps for Hue bridges:

  1. Optional upgrade HP2023 to 10.3.x (experimental) that provides web enabled capability for the move. I used the official v10.2.1
  2. Remove Philips Hue app from Homey. That was easy for me, its disabled anyway since I use Home Assistant and the HA community app to control my Hue and a few Innr lamps.
  • Should I keep HA for the time being or disable it (HA or the HA Community app) as well? Will it disturb the set up? => To be sure I disabled the HA Community app
  1. Get a code from the Hue bridges (requires sign in to Hue account, a different one for each bridge): Settings, Smart Home, Matter, Link to another app, copy the code.
  • I assume I can do one by one and hope I can still use HA to fall back on with the bridges that are not set to Matter?
    => Yes, after checking I can confirm this. Re-enabling HA still works for the other Philips Hue non Matter registered bridges. => Yes
  • Instead of 3 Hue bridges can I change my set up to only one bridge, or is the Hue bridges limitation to 55 devices still applicable? => The device limitation remains for each Hue bridge
  1. Use the (iOS) phone app to add Matter devices with +. App accessory, then select More options to paste the code
  • At this point: Homey will see every bridge that you put into Matter mode (by requesting the code). They are all called the same (even if powered off) so be organized when you do this, or prepared to wait for a lot of time outs.
  • Adding devices after the bridge was recognized by Homey is automatic goes very fast (<1m). I made sure to have Homey, iPhone and bridge in the same room just because I did not know if it matters.
  • I have many Google hubs but no Apple devices other than the iPhone (not using Homekit). How can I ensure only Homey will be chosen as Thread border controller for new devices? => In the Philips Hue bridge select other (Homey will work as other)

PS I started this post with a request for tips, but now rewriting this post with my experience.
PS 2 @Jannick It is safe to change the title of this thread. It’s working well.

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