Add "Homekit only" devices to Homey


I’m pretty new to Homey and I already have some “Homekit only” lights, like this Flex 3P Multicolor from Osram: (so not the Zigbee version).

Is it possible to add these lights to Homey so I can use them in a flow?

Thanks a lot!

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Hi Roy,

There’s only an app for Osram to work with the Zigbee protocol ( and not with the Homekit protocol, maybe there’s a workaround for that?

Hi Didier!

I am having the same issue.
Were you able to resolve it?



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There is no app available that can act as HomeKit controller. A possible (very elaborate) workaround is to set up Home Assistant, which can act as a HomeKit controller, and interface HA with Homey using either the MQTT Hub app or @rogro82’s Homey integration for HA.

Hi Robert!

Thanks a lot for your answer!
Do you think it is doable to wright such an app?
Or is there anything different compared to other HomeKit device like Gardena?



Yes, it’s doable, I’ve started on one a while ago but never got around to finish it. And because I stopped using Homey, I’ll not continue working on it either, I’m afraid :frowning:

Do you think I could try to finish what you started?

Do you have experience with Node.js development and the HomeKit protocol?

The first one yes, the second one no ( but would be willing to work my way in)

It’s on Github:

But it’s very much a WIP, I don’t even know if it’s able to run at this point.

The easiest way to familiarize yourself with the HomeKit part of the app is to use the hap-controller module from an example script to see if you can get it to pair with a device (or, lacking any HK devices, you can use a Homebridge setup or a standalone device script).

I’ve put some of my debugging/development scripts in a gist:

Thanks a lot!
I will check it out and see what I can achieve

Manfred, Have you been able to achieve anything with the making of this app :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately no. I needed to pause most of my smart home related activities since my house needed and still needs some more brick and mortar related work :muscle:
I hope that by fall I might go on smarting my home…

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Thanks for the fair answer. Goodluck ‘met de steentjes en cement’.

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I’m still looking for a way to use Homekit only lights in Homey, any solution for that yet?

Nope, and as far as I’m aware, no one is working on one.

That’s too bad…
Bad luck for me I guess, coming from Lightify and Homekit devices.

I just took it for granted that Homekit devices would work, they aren’t that unusual these days :confused: