Osram to hue to Homey?


I got My zigbee devices connected through my Hue Bridge but and everything works great in Homey but I also have a Osram Outdoor plug connected in the bridge that homey refuses to accept through the bridge (can connect OK directly to Homey but then it won´t mesh with the rest). Any suggestions? Am I missing something here?

Thankful for any suggestions and help

So your question is how to control the OSRAM plug witch is connected to Philips hue bridge with Homey?

Exactly, sorry for the confusion.

I´ve tried to go into the hue app and “add a light” but it connects to the bridge OK but can´t find any lights (correction, New lights that is) (it is a plug however).

Any suggestions?

Attach the OSRAM to a room in hue bridge. Then turn the ‘lights’ on/off of that room in Homey.


I´ve tried it but I only get that the device doesn´t respond.
In the hue app it looks OK but it doesńt show up in Homey as a device

What am I doing wrong here?

I made a feature request a couple of days ago for supporting 3rd party plugs in the hue app. Maybe you should too so it moves up the prioritylist.

You’re correct, it does not show up as a device in Homey. But yiu van control it in Homey.
In the ‘then’ colom add a card 'philips hue, then select the room switch all lights on. Then select witch room.

I hope they will merge my change, in the meanwhile you can sideload my version of the Philips Hue app if you can’t wait any longer like me :slight_smile:

Wow, thats great!
I won’t be able to sideload until next week but thanks a lot!

I have created an new version, when you chose bulb the socket will be added as a bulb, and you can add it as a socket.

Handy when you use Google Home.

Only little bug with HomeKit and socket that the device will me double in HomeKit. I will look later why that is.


Do you know if they have included your osram change in their hue 4.2.0 app?
Would love to see the energy update working, but i guess I need the new app for it but do not want to loose the osram on/off connectivity.