How to get OSRAM plugs from HUE to HOMEY?


So i’ve bought 2 OSRAM Plugs. I tried connecting them with Homey, which worked but the room I want to use them is too far from the Homey. They don’t get a stable connection and only work from time to time.

Since I have a lot of HUE devices in my house, i then tried to add them to my HUE bridge. This worked perfectly and very stable. It makes sense that the HUE network is better to control these.

Now, the only problem is that I can’t get these switches into HOMEY, and from HOMEY to Google Assistant.

As you can see in the below screenshots they are added to HUE, but not visible in HOMEY. I tried to add new HUE device in HOMEY, and tried all 4 options (lamps, tap, dimmer switch & sensor) but they can’t be found.

How can I fix this problem?

Likewise problem here, but no solution there too: Osram to hue to Homey?

It’s a problemof the Hue app from Athom. It only supports lights, no on/off devices like Osram plugs. So it only imports the lights from Hue hub to homey.
I already made a feature request to Athom (as the app developer) - no answer yet…

OK, that’s a shame.

Perhaps I can re-link Hue with Google Assistant and this would be possible? But then my lights will be present 2 times in Assistant (once via Homey and once via Assistant?)

Yes. I have the same situation with Alexa. Hue skill and Homey skill in Alexa results in appearing all Hue devices and all Homey devices in Alexa. I think with Google it’s the same situation.
Just rename the Hue devices from Homey in Google, then you can address the lights from Google via Hue hub.
There are some threads depending this problem with Homey/Hue/Alexa in the forum. But I don’t think there are better solutions. Athom should add an option to select which devices should be exported to Alexa/Google. That would prevent such chaos.

You can make a room in hue bridge and add the osram plugs in that room.
After you have done that you can controle that room in Homey to switch on or off.
So with this method you can control your osram plugs witch are connected to hue bridge form within homey. Good luck.

You can add the Osram plugs to Homey.
They cannot be connected to two different hubs.