Osram Plugs - Long story of suffering

Hello, everybody,

I have connected about 8 Osram lightify plugs directly to homey via ZigBee.
In the past some of them disconnected permanently and were no longer reachable (error message in the app: Something went wrong).
I then inserted them again in the App (via “add device”) and mostly it worked again for a few days. The latest time it was enough for me after the x-th disconnect and I reset my zigBee network in homey.
It ran perfectly for 3 weeks now, last night of all things the socket where a light is attached said goodbye and burned the whole night because the flow can’t turn it off anymore. The whole thing is pretty frustrating!
Does anyone else have this phenomenon?
Could you have a look at my zigbee network?

Possible ideas:

  • Integrating Osram Gateway into my hue bridge - would that work? The lamps over the hue bridge are wonderfully reliable! Osram Gateway is not compatible with the homey Osram app afaik
  • has anyone designed a flow that reports inaccessible devices?
  • other plugs (expensive!) - but are there any recommendations?
  • any other ideas?

    Thanks for any hint, I’d love to do more with homey but this is still a game breaker for me.

P.S. If someone wonders…Darkroom is just a joke, it’s the home cinema room from previous owner

I have also 6 plugs and the same issue. I sent also a report to Athom but did not got a feedback. I am on Firmware 3.2.0 may be it is fixed with the latest expeimental FW, but I don‘t want to install it right now.

Sometimes it is enough to pull the plug, sometimes I have to include it again.

Hi Berni, thanks for sharing. Is there anyone else with this issue?

I have some news… I had the issue that three plugs and one Ikea lamp were not available any more. Now I had excluded the items in the app, with the message that device will be excluded, but nothing happened. The button for the device was still there. When you then include the device again, there was an error message, that there is a duplicate device and the inclusion stops. After this message, the device was acting again, if you press the button in the app. Good news…you do not need to connect the device to your flows again, which cost me the most time.

Not a solution, but after a short time everything was up and running again. Lets see if the new version, will fix that type of issues.

Hi Berni, thanks for sharing. I knew the trick with “duplicate device”, but that only helped me for a couple of days.
When you reset zigbee, you have to reconnect all your zigbee devices again. BUT: They are still in your flows and will work afterwards. It’s worth a try.
Last couple of days all of them worked, I hope that this is a good sign! :slight_smile:

Just wanted to let you know: Since the zigbee reset all of them work fine!

Just wanted to let you know: Since the zigbee reset all of them work fine!

Also: I recommend that you create a flow starting with “Device hasn’t reported in x minutes” - that really helps to find a lost zigbee device!