Osram Zigbee


Started this as i did not find an official topic so far

I have a few new osram zigbee plugs

What is the added value of the current exiting “Osram Lightify zigbee” app over just integrating the plugs with Homey/zigbee out of the box, which seems to work fine ?

If there is no added value i see no reason to have an additional app “Osram Lightify zigbee” installed

Prime days effect :rofl::rofl::rofl:
I confirm the integration works pretty well with the app.

yep, prime days, got me a full box :rofl::rofl:

Which app do you mean, the out of the box homey zigbee or the osram app?

i’ll try with the osram app.
work’s well

I have a new issue, as I received a second batch of Osram Zigbee plugs(from Amazon Spain indeed) :sweat_smile:

My existing plugs are recognized as OSRAM plugs, Product ID: Plug 01, when I go into the properties of the latest plugs they mention LEDVANCE with Product ID: Plug Z3, while on the outside they look exactly the same.

Fortunately the device is being recognized as “generic” Zigbee device, I would like similar devices to report in as one device type however.

Do I need to report these product ID’s somewhere so the app can be updated??
Or should I open a separate topic?

EDIT: submitted a Request device support form for the LEDVANCE plugs

Ask for support with Homey here: https://www.osram.com/os/contact/forms/technical_support.jsp
If more people are requesting Osram to help Homey adding devices, they will get triggered. So do an effort and request support @Osram