Extend OSRAM and LEDVANCE compatibility

Continuing the discussion from Osram Lightify:

(Garden) lights LEDVANCE do not work and are not all recognized indeed.

Outdoor flex strip LEDVANCE SMART+ do not work (simple zigbee device) only on/off supported

Same for the LEDVANCE SMART+ White GU10 spots

On the contrary the GU10 RGBW spots do work and are being recognized

Please add them :grin:.

Waiting for Homey 5.0.0. Nothing will happen before that. As an alternative, I can recommend the Conbee 2 stick. Osram runs with it without any problems and can be integrated into Homey.

Any news on Osram. Just got a Smart+ Switch and bulb cheap and no dice…

This is bugging me too!!! A simple ledvance E14 dimmable candle is not recognised and is added as a standard zigbee device (read on/off only, NOT dimmable). Whats the story here??? The ledvance Zigbee productline is rather limited, way less devices then Philips Hue.
Athom support told me to contact Osram and I did. An answer from them seems impossible.
@Athom: take responsibility and fix this MINOR issue PLEASE!

@Everyone else: Ask for support with Homey here: https://www.osram.com/os/contact/forms/technical_support.jsp
If more people are requesting Osram to help Homey adding devices, they will get triggered. So do an effort and request support @Osram

Get yourself a Conbee Stick. He’s like a prostitute and eats everything that has to do with Zigbee.

Well, homey support is working on this. Thank you Boaz!

LEDVANCE Smart+ Outdoor Lantern Modern Wall 12W/RGBW ZigBee

do not work (simple zigbee device) only on/off supported

LEDVANCE Smart+ Ceiling 33cm Tunable White Zigbee

do not work and are not all recognized indeed.

you’ll have to contact support… take a screenshot of the advanced settings of the simple zigbee device. They will need that info.

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@JohnK, did you get support from Athom for adding ledvance devices in current Homey stable version (not in v5)?

Athom told me the issues would be solved in the next release. I had to send them the device details of those not recognized as ledvance, but as regular zigbee device.

I recently bought the Ledvance PAR16 RGBW Value Zigbee bulb. It is not recognized and is added as a default Zigbee device, dimmable but not able to change color.

Manufacture: Ledvance
Product-Id: PAR16 RGBW Value

What is the software version of Homey? And did you contact Athom support for this?

My homey has version 5.0
App-version is

Im new to homey and its community so i thaught it was a matter of higlighting in the community.
The answer is no, i have not contacted the support.
I will gladly do it though, where can i find it?

EDIT: Found how to submit a request and have done that now.

Best regards

good job :wink:
Please keep us posted and let us know what they say…

Thank you!
I just recently got a reply:

“Ledvance is currently creating a new app supporting their own devices which is close to being published. Please keep an eye out for it and let us know if you have any issues regarding your specific device once the app is available.”

So hopefully they will work better in the future :slight_smile:

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Oh boy, can’t wait for that to happen. Then I can upgrade my homey to v5 :wink:

I’m glad to be the messenger of good news! :grin:
I just got my homey last week so i didn’t have a choise but to use v5, but since i have opted for Zigbee devices i must say it is working really good! (Keep in mind that i do not have any experience with the previous version). :slight_smile:

Would you mind to share the working zigbee devices have in use? That would confirm functionally brands and types in Homey v5


I dont have that many units though, but i can confirm that the following units work:

  • IKEA Trådfri
  • Schneider Micro Module Light Switch (CCT5011-0001)
  • Ledvance PAR16 RGBW Value (Not able to change color but otherwise works fine)

The Zigbee network is spanning two storeys and i have not experienced any problems with connectivity

Can you dim this light blub? (I suppose not as you stated it is recognized as a generic zigbee device) And is it a GU10 spot?