Homey update to 5.0 and Osram/Ledvance RGBW GU10 stopped working

Hi Team,

my Pro updated three days ago automatically (have switched that off now %-) to 5.0.0 and Osram Lightify (ZigBee) to 1.4.5.

I don´t have a clue what version it was before - @Athom: Where can I check that ?

Since then the lights didn´t reconnect. I paired them again, they are recognized but don´t respond to on/off/anything.

  1. Known issue ? When will that be fixed ?
  2. @Athom: PLEASE do proper testing / staging
  3. @Athom: PLEASE enable easy roll-backs to earlier versions (of Homey firmware and apps) !!!

Any feedback is highly appreciated !


If you want a direct answer from athom, you should asked them it directly. They wont repond on the forum, as its a community forum.

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As Roy answered, Athom will not answer any questions here, so you have to contact them directly.

Did you try already a PTP (Pull the Plug of Homey for about 15 Min.)?

Thanks, folks. I didn´t try it for 15 minutes. Resetted the baby by turning it upside down…

And thanks for the hint to contact them directly - I didn´t find a forum to do so… Any hint ?

PTP didn´t work. Only the Ledvance spots don´t work. They connect, but can´t be controlled…

Do you guys have a hint to roll-back apps or Homey ?

Thaaaanks, Tom

For everybody interested…

Problem solved: Don´t use the Osram App, the Ledvance Smart + App did the trick, all up and running !