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Osram plug activated or deactivated randomly


I have multiple Osram plugs.
Some are included into flows.
I have the problem that the « Osram lightify » application is activating / deactivating my plugs randomly outside the flows

Is anyone facing the same problem ?
What would be the fix ?

Kind regards,

Hi Luca,
you don’t need the Osram app for your plugs. These things can only be on and off anyway. You can register them in Homey as a generic Zigbee device. They work as better as with the app.

Thanks for your advise.

I tried with the plug causing me the more problems (un pair and pair again the plug).
I did it using the standard Zigbee option but unfortunately, the plug has been added as an Osram plug.
I recreated the flow and will keep an eye on it to see how it behave.

That’s weird that the plug is added automatically to the Osram app and even more weird the strange behavior.

If it doesn’t work, I will check if I can de-install the Osram app and reinstall all the devices as standard Zigbee devices. Unless someone has some other idea.


You have to do this: Remove the plug from Homey. Deactivate the Homey Osram app. Teach-in the plug. Now it should be recognized as a generic device. Then reactivate the Osram app.

Hi all,
I was wondering whether this alternative way of using your Osram device solves your issue.
I encounter the same with my Osram ledstrip which is in the babyroom. You can guess the impact of turning on the lights randomly… :sweat_smile:



Not really in my case. I stopped using that specific plug.
I had a similar problem with another device (different brand) but it happened only once.
This looks like a bug on the Athom but quite hard to identify by me.

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Same problem to me.
The Osram Lightify app is sometimes randomly de-/activating Osram (and Ledvance) smart plugs.
As I have some 15 such plugs in use this is really anoying.
I already removed some plugs out of the Osram lightify app and installed them as Ledvance plug or as Homey generic Zigbee device. Nevertheless in both cases the Osram lightify app is still being installed and the problem is still there.
Can anyone help?

The Osram or Ledvance app will always install the plugs under the respective app, unless you have deleted them from Homey. Remove both apps and then learn the plug as a generic Zigbee device. You can then reinstall the apps if you are still using other devices of this brand.

Thanks for your quick reply.
So I have to reinstall 15 plugs and re-enter them in all flows.
I’ll post the result when done!

Yes, unfortunately

Yeah I have the same problem. Also with generic device.

It’s not only with Homey btw. It’s also with other bridges. So the problem if in the plug itself.

I’m gonna try other brand plugs