Reverse homekit devices app - native homekit devices in homey

I’m using homey at 10% of him possibility.
I setup all my home to work with apple homekit and I bought also some native devices ( i have a gateway from bticino smart living now with more da 70 devices, some eve lifx )
It would be very useful to see all homekit devices in homey to use them in flow.
Homey flows are 10 times better than homekit flows
Any help?

I started a “Homekit controller” app almost a year ago, but never got around to finishing it (it’s on Github, but don’t expect anything from it:

I don’t think there are any comparable apps being developed at the moment.

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thank you for your reply Robert, at this point my question is another; how to drop all “non compatibile devices” in homekit in another way than using homey…

Home Assistant has a Homekit controller implementation (that I never used myself, so no idea how well it works). But that would require you to create a Home Assistant setup, though. Or perhaps your devices have support for IFTTT, which (I think) will work in combination with Homey.

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I also want to see as much of the devices and flows from Homey in HomeKit, and have found some workarounds.
Basically the HomeKit integration works fine, I see all devices and am able to manage them in HomeKit and via Siri. Great!
I have now implemented a master switch function which turns all lights off when I leave the house and on when I come home. This can be triggered by a Homey-connected Nexa switch and from HomeKit. The clue was to create a virtual device switch in Homey. This switch is linken to two Homey flows - LeavingHouse and ComingHome. The virtual device switch is also visible in HomeKit so when I set this switch off or on the Homey flow is triggered. Pressing the Nexa switch does the same thing. Seems to work fine.