Homey bridge apps?

Hi Guys.
New to Homey.
Have some smart devices at home they i would like to integrate.
Have some products from plejd and would like to buy some stuff from aqara.

When i check the apps that can be downloaded most of them seams to just work with homey pro, my question is will these also work with homey bridge?

That is often not the case, but the app store is has a selector now.

Select Homey beta in the app store, then you’ll find all compatible apps for Homey beta / cloud / bridge.

Yes i saw that, it seams have a limited apps tho.
I want the bridge to act has a replacer for the hubs.
For example plejd and aqara can run with whitout its own hubs and work only thro the homey pro.

Since the bridge has its own protocolls its strange that it can use the apps that are for the pro version.

Guess you missed this topic:

explaining a lot…