Homey Bridge IR codes

Hi. Another question from me about the Homey bridge
How do I learn Ir codes to be used to trigger flows?
I did this on my first generation Homey but can’t work it out on the bridge

I’m sorry but the answer will be disappointing…

This works.
EDIT: but only on a Pro, or when MQTT ever gets available for the cloud/bridge…

You can’t send IR signals directly to Homey (bridge AND Pro) to trigger something.

Bridge doesn’t support MQTT…

Whoops, just realize that. Damn bridge hehe. I’ve edited my post.

Me just quoting myself again :smirk:

If that was even possible it would just be a complicated band-aid solution…

You’d have to spend a week or so trying to set it up … It’s a rabbit hole if you have no experience with that sort of stuff…

Answer , disappointing…

Sorry I’m now more confused than before. With my old original Homey this was easy. It would learn a code and save it as a device. I could then create a flow triggered by the ir code device. Can I do this with the Homey Pro???

I have Philips pronto remote control that I used to get Homey to trigger a Philips hue lighting scene. My old Homey died so looking at the spec of the bridge ( the comparison table against the Homey Pro) and presumed it would work.

Have so far learnt that the Homey Bridge only one Philips Hue bridge can be supported ( I have three), that the IR functionality is limited to send only, Hue scenes and Hue Accessories are not support.

Beginning to wonder what does work??

On the Pro you can learn an IR signal, and then use a flow to send the copied signal. (With my Homey Pro it works, as in: it sends learned IR signals, but none of my devices respond).
U cannot use a remote to learn a signal from, and then have Homey starting a flow when you press that remote button.

Afaik IR learning is is not available on the cloud/bridge:

And these apps, for now:

I heard recently in another discussion that one of the old Homey firmware versions from years ago did actually have functional IR learning. Maybe your old one was on that version.

For some reason since then it’s never worked. It either broke (can’t see why though) or Athom disabled it …