Infrared (IR) activated flows

Hey guys i am looking for a way to trigger flows by using a regular ir remote pointed to homey.

The use case: I want to raise/ lower the volume of a sonos soundbar because it is not supported by my TV. But if Homey can detect the IR sensor than i can use the flows to adjust the volume.

I saw online that there is a function for IR Learn signal but i cant find a way in homey to save that signal and there after use it as flow trigger.

Any tips?

Teaching IR signals to Homey has never worked. You can only use the devices that are listed in the database.
Get a used Logitech Harmony Hub. You can control all kinds of IR devices with it. It is compatible with Homey and can also send entire scenes.

There is a IR to MQTT receiver/transmitter:

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My concern with the harmony is that i heart that they just discontinued it. So i dont know if its worth investing on that platform. what is your experience with this device on homey?

I have very good experience with this device. There is nothing better in combination with Homey.
Only the sale has been discontinued, the devices continue to work.

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