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Flows using IR transmitter is crashing microphone/speaker function

My Homey seems to break each time I use the IR transmitter within a flow.
In short, I can trigger a flow (with a trigger, button or voice), and get the IR signal to transmit to my TV and Soundbar. However, after this, the Homey doesn’t respond to “Hey homey” and it won’t speak out the responses I’ve defined within Flows (like “Okay, the TV is off”).
The only way to get the mic and speaker to work properly again, is to restart the Homey.
After reading the forums, this is a known issue and the latest release notes claims the problem has been resolved in the latest version, v1.5.13.

However, I’m still experiencing this issue. I have tested with a multitude of different IR signals, and the issue seems to occur no matter what signal is sent from the IR.

Does anyone know of a workaround, or if this is fixed in the new v2.0?

(Unfortunately, I returned my Homey before reading on the forums, and will be getting a replacement unit within a week or two. However, this means I cannot provide screenshots of an example flow).