Generic IR event/trigger?

I thought I should create a flow that switches my amplifiers off or on, and use the remote for the DAC (PS Audio) for that. I also thought that there is a way to “teach” Homey a custom IR signal from the remote and then use that as a flow trigger.

But, I only find apps based on brands or specific devices…

I have a lot of Homey stuff and is familiar with the Homey world since a couple of years, but I need to ask the Community about this, since I cannot solve it myself! Is this not possible?

That’s not possible :frowning:

There is a way to teach Homey a custom IR signal, in the developer environment:

But I guess you cannot use it a flow, I have never tried it .

Teaching implies learning, and that’s not something that Homey can do. The page you refer to can show the signals that Homey receives, but it has no way to store the signal and re-use it for flows.

Ok guys, thanks for a clear answer to my thoughts!