Can Homey learn IR codes?

I have a Aquarium that uses an IR controller to turn the light on and off. Is it possible to get Homey to learn the IR code and send it via a Flow?


Have you tried: Add - Device - Homey - InfraRed. …


thanks for the simple hint - i couldnt find it in the new app but now have - if only everything in life was this simple

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Yes you van learn Homey Ir codes, see my screenshot s

This info is in the developers dashboard pure for developers to create apps.
This is NOT for user that need to learn one remote by copying the signal.

For users:

Add - Device - Homey - InfraRed. …

and get a remote from the DB or copy your own remote.

How can you choose to copy a remote that is not in de Homey database? When I choose add - device - homey - infrared I have to choose an item from the database, cannot skip that and just learn a remote ir code.


## Homey v3.1.0
* [Experiments] Moved 'Copy Infrared' to Experiments

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@Arjan_Van_der_Wulp can you tell me how to reach the setup you showed in the screenshots?

Apparently you missed @Dijker’s explanation?

Go to More / Settings / Exprimental…


I have all experimental settings enabled. But i still cannot see the “copy remote” in the screen shot above. Whats wrong with me? Or maybe whats wrong with my Homey?

Oh… let me help my self and other people as well that end up here. You actually have to start to type something into the search field in order to see the option of copying remote.

It seems like this option disappeared with Version 7.2.0, or am I wrong?

Correct this is removed in favor of the new IR implementation with much larger database of devices.

But I still want it to learn new things.
Like the LG TV Service (Instart) Command.

How should I do this now?

As said this isn’t an option anymore.

  1. find your device in the new database
  2. report your device to Athom to get it added
  3. create a app for Homey for this device
  4. buy another IR device compatible with Homey like the Harmony Hub or Broadlink to learn and use IR signals.

Hi. Can an IR still be used to trigger a flow?
This is something I used with my old original Homey ( unfortunately it died a number of months back)
I’ve been trying to get a Homey Pro to replace it but struggling to find stock

I previously used my Philips Pronto IR remote to send a IR code to Homey to trigger via a flow Philips Hue scenes

Is this still possible?


Interesting, they kept this option still


Hi Stephan.

I guess the most relevant question to ask is has this new IR database solved your problem . ? Does your setup now work ?

Athom are so confident in this new IR database that they have entirely removed the IR learning feature from the system in this new firmware release …

Not that this feature actually worked anyway. :disappointed:

This feature has been broken since 2018 from what I’ve heard, or they possibly decommissioned it but lazily left it on the system to just rot away. …

Either way I’ve tried using it myself for the last year or two. It has never worked . You “could” learn an IR code (while the feature existed). Your Homey Pro would verify that it learnt the code via a test . That part worked perfectly fine. Homey could learn the codes no problem at all but you just couldn’t do anything with them The learnt code would not work in a flow or with anything at al . It was learnt , you just couldn’t use it …

I wasted so many frustrating hours trying to figure out why it wouldn’t work. There must of been thousands of people like me that went though the same process to find out that it was a zombie feature that didn’t actually work … So many hours wasted screwing around to find it was a dud…

Now the whole feature has been completely deleted …

Homey has so much potential as being an “all in one” centralised solution ., eg. Throw all your other hardware bridges and hubs away and just have one simplified system… That’s what the marketing told me anyway …

I simply can’t understand why Athom deleted the IR learning capability. It’s totally illogical… The more features the better. A centralised IOT hub with the most features win’s the race … Thats what I thought anyway…

The answer , go buy another hub / bridge to make your IR devices work even though Homey Pro has IR built in …

If you do reply to my post Stephan you’ll have to do it with in 14 days as one of the mod’s on here has set this thread to automatically delete in 14 days.

I’ve been on this forum for nearly two years now and have never seen an auto deletion of a thread, ever …

That’s interesting…

Hi Sorry to confuse you, Maybe I should have explained it but expected it would be understand by who noticed it and not seen by who doesn’t care.

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The reason to (auto) close:

often we see things like:

This topic: Can Homey learn IR codes?
created march 2019 was how to Learn IR Codes from Homey and was answered in the first couple of reply’s - (Pre Firmware Version 2.0) was declared Experimental, somewhat hidden and updated in Firmware ~ 2.0 (10 MONTHS LATER) and answered again.
and yes:
I expect this is the final answer:

No, this (Experimental) feature is removed in FW version 7.2.0. Homey can’t learn IR codes.

And despite what everyone thinks about it or wants… pretty sure the answer stays the same.

I even gave the alternatives.

So I expect everything after that, is another topic.
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So choose your alternative, search for the best topic and ask your question there.
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[APP][Pro] Harmony Hub (v2.0.7)

[APP][Pro] Broadlink App

[APP][Pro] Broadlinkred App

or look here: Search results for 'infrared in:title' - Homey Community Forum

And even when you think your specific question needs an new (own) Topic,
I will not be mad :wink: