Help on IR app

I’ve noticed there is no ‘generic’ IR app available to send, for example, prontohex codes.
Since Homey 2023 can’t learn them, and switchbot is a nightmare (using cloud, very slow in response) I was looking to create a small app for my electronic Fireplace (uses IR remote).

I have succesfully captured some of the IR codes, and managed to create a small Homey app that makes some buttons to control it (not a prof. programmer, so had to learn it on the go). However, I can’t get the action flow cards in, nor any kind of status on the ‘tile’ in HP. this seems way out of my league so far…

Would there be anyone willing to assist me in this? or is there perhaps some one that could make an app to send your own custom IR codes?

Many thanks

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Thanks. I’ve seen that, but it’s all very complicated for me. Nevertheless. I will have a look at it again.