Infrared from non listed product

Can you tell me how we can integrate in the box homey infrared codes that are not pre-defined!
Example I would like to drive my air conditioner Hitachi but no application homey and no code it pre-defined.
It is possible to learn the code?
Thank you for your help


Take any ir devices and delete all the ir codes and learn your ir code to homey.

Thanks for the feedback

Can you explain me more I can do it?

If you are on Homey firmware 3.1 or newer first go to experiments and enable the copy it experiment.

Then see the instruction here

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did you understand what @Dijker meant.

Good evening

Yes I have done first trial.
The appli have recorded the signal but when I put on the button test nothing append.

Following this thread to see if anyone manage to learn a single reusable IR code :stuck_out_tongue:

Would have been great if an existing code library, like - could be implemented.