Learn IR Remote commands

I wan to remote controll some Ir devices. I was thinking that should be possible with the homey. But now i see that the funktion for leraning IR code does not realy work. All threads on this forum about this probelms are very old. Do someone know any news about the problems? Do athom fix this problems ? Or do i have to send my homey back to Amazon ?

If you wanted Homey for ir you can better send it back and buy a broadlink or harmony remote.

Or as I did, buy a harmony(expensive) or the broadlink (less expensive) and combine it with Ho Ho Ho Homey

That’s relative. Bought two Harmony Hubs second hand for €30 a piece :slight_smile:

Ofcourse, you are right, you only need the hub. I did buy the AB also, but that isn’t nescessary

Thanks for your Input.
I am realy sad about that, because i don’t want to have so many controller devices to manage. That is one of the reasons why i bought the homey.
Its realy funny that many cool products are so bad to operate only why the software developer do bad work.
I ever think they are not using ther owen products.

I am using the homey now for 5 days and have found about 50 bugs or unfinished funktions.

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