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Logitech Harmony Hub needed?

Hi all,

Is it necessary to have a Logitech Harmony Hub or can I use the Homey IR functions to serve my Onkyo and NAD amplifier, the Ziggo Horizon box and the Samsung TV?

I cannot find a clear answer on the internet, hence my question.

I also would like to know (if only the Homey is enough) if Amazon Alexa can be used to make Homey control IR devices.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


Homey could do this, if the Homey Hub is in clear line of sight of all devices. The Homey Hub does not have any external IR emitter connections, unlike a Harmony or Global Cache.
You have a few options here if the Hub can not be installed within view of all your products.
Global Cache IR device
Broadlink Products
NEEO remote (which I have just purchased and installed and using, and LOVING it) Thank Neils for a great driver here. You can add virtual devices to this remote to control lights/lock and range of devices. Its awesome.
Alexa can control any device connected to Homey, but it will depend on what you want and how to control it. eg, if you want Homey to switch to channel 4 on your TV, you may need to create a Virtual Device Switch that is called Channel 4 and send that appropriate IR code.

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