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Homey vs. Bond?

I already have a Logitech harmony hub that covers my IR devices.

I bought Homey wanting to connect my RF-products to my smart home. I turned out to own RF-controlled equipment that didnt have any predefined definitions/apps and therefore were uncompatible “out of the box” with homey.

I found this thing called Bond just strolling the internet an its 1/3 of the price of Homey and its doing, out of the box w/o getting my hands dirty exactly what i thought the Homey was for.

Or am i mistaken. Is there an easy build in function for Homey so it can outdo the Bond?

Youtube of functionallity:

They advertise “Bond” purely as a controller for ceiling fans (with remote).
Like an harmony hub is for IR devices.

Not sure what you are trying to do by comparing a device that can control pretty much anything in your home (as long as there is an app for them) vs a ceiling van control.

So can homey control your ceiling fan too? Yes
If it uses either IR or one of two RF frequenties (433 & 868 Mhz), but as you state you don’t even know which it is yourself.
But there are just too many devices over the world to be able to support everything out of the box, little bit more then just ceiling fans.
If you would have Googled for only 1 second, you would have known that homey uses apps to control everything