RF learning

I bought Homey based on “connect everything in your house” but so far I’ve found out to get IR working properly I’ve had to purchase a seperate IR hub (B.One Eazy) that isn’t supported by Homey unless I create an app for it but coding and I aren’t friends and now I’m trying to get it to learn RF signals for my new blind motors (Omnia blinds) but I’m thinking I have to now purchase a seperate controller for that, something like Broadlink RM Pro.

Does the Homey actually learn custom signals or is every single thing based on “here’s hoping there’s an app for it or you’re screwed” and need to buy extra gear even though Homey is quite an expensive piece of hardware if it’s only a pretty brick?

Not trying to crap on Homey, just amazed with how its functionality is far from what’s advertised. That or I’m missing something.

No, it doesn’t. Each signal definition needs to be defined up front (in an app) before Homey is able to recognize it.

Ok, in the developer pages I can teach it the signal and download the code, guess I’ll have to work out how to put that into some use than.

Nope, can’t even do that. Got onto support who said “this is for our developers, hence the name” so, anyone want to buy a Homey hub?

Ok, after sleeping on it and starting fresh, I’ve worked out a way to do what I wanted. I was after RF learning for our garage doors but now I’m going to order 2 Fibaro Roller/Shutters 2, there’s a Homey app for these and that’ll do what I want. Still a tad annoyed it can’t just learn signals considering their biggest marketing ploy is “everything at home connected”.