Can Homey learn IR codes?

I think not out-of-the-box, but this way it is possible:

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No, the new IR database did not contain the LG code I needed.
I was however able to convert the HEX value to ProntoHex and it works when sent via Homey Developer Tools

The capture seems useless, no idea how to convert the RAW .vcd file to get anywhere near a ProntoHex code.

Edit: Capture on Homey Developer Tools DOES work!
Albeit very finicky.

Emulate/Transmit button however does not work.

I was able to capture several buttons and used IrScrutinizer to “Paste and Scrutinze” to RAW signals.
Set Export to Pronto Hex Oneshot.
And then try the ProntoHex saved to file via the IR test page above.

Takes about 3-4 captures to get a good one; but eventually you will get good ProntoHex codes!

Can you actually use it with flows though , or manual trigger it with a Virtual switch ?

This thread is about to get muffled (tomorrow) so I’m guessing that Athom’s new fancy IR date base which some on here have been promoting and glorifying turns out to be a bit of a dud.

Doest work with an LG device …(just a small time, no name manufacturer) :smirk:

As I’ve said many times before, totally relying on a database only with no IR learning capability as a back up is a fool’s errand…

70% of my gear here at home is not on the data base …

Ohh well… Athom have totally killed IR learning for good so I guess I’ll stop trying to flight for it now. It’s totally done for …

To tell you the truth I think I’m about to give up on the whole thing.

The plate-form has stagnated a lot over the last 2 years, no real progress, old issues still remain.,

Athoms attitude and bad choices (like this) are just getting worse and I truly think this Bridge\Cloud concept they are are pouring all their time and money into is going to be a commercial failure which will ultimately bankrupt them.

The future is bleak (in my opinion) but anyhoo, have a good new year everyone :sunglasses:

If IR is really the only thing you are give up for, you have chosen the wrong hub in the first place. You’d better try to get your hands on some Logitech hubs. They are really good with IR.
Then you don’t need Homey anymore.

Yep… For once I totally agree with you 100% … Have a good new year Pete …

In fact, that is a lie. You don’t and you never will. Taking a part of a complete sentence out of it’s context to make a statement is, well, wrong. Says a lot.
It will be a good year when all the azijnpissers have moved away to another brand of hub and piss their vinegar over there.

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I didn’t understand any of that ramble at all…

If you can’t constructively “debate me” on any points Ive made over the last 2 years about Athom then please politely shut the F :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face: up and have a good new year .:wink:

Does not help my problem where I want Homey to run a flow when it receives an IR code. Had the original Homey and the worked perfectly. Hue scenes triggered using my Tv remote.

The unit died earlier this year. Tried the new Homey bridge but found this to be totally lacking in key features and now found out the Homey Pro does not support receiving IR codes any more

If anyone has any suggestions on how I can achieve this simple integration I would love to know


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in my post above option 4, one of the alternatives.

Thanks but none of the options work

Broadlink and Harmony can learn IR codes but only in learning mode.

What Homey used to do was “listen” for an IR code which could then be used as the trigger for a flow. I used random IR codes for a device I did not own and using my smart remote sent them to Homey to control non IR devices such as Philips Hue in a Flow

Any other suggestions really welcomed


Homey can technically handle learning IR codes via it’s built in IR hardware , but Athom (without doubt) now chose to not allow this feature … (it’s been killed)

You have to find your own solution and spend more money.

Unfortunately Chris , the work around that they try and give you here is total garbage.

Your basically spent €400 for a Smart Hub that can’t do what a cheap €10 IR bridge can do… No one on here can actually deny this fact …

As as new Homey User , how do you feel about that …?

Thanks for the comments Russell

I do feel like there are a lot of backward steps going on here. I was an early adopter of the original Homey and loved it.
Unfortunately the first thing to go was proper lightwaveRF support

My first unit failed this year and since then I have been looking for a replacement. I went for the Homey bridge but this is so limited I gave up with it

Thought I would go for the Pro but now hearing that the IR support is very limited -not sure why people would want an IR emulator?? - is so disappointing that I think my Homey days are over

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Unfortunately “Disappointing” is a recurring comment about the IR feature of Homey.

Posts by new users that come on this forum regularly comment about the IR deficiency of Homey. Many have been disappointed, for years and years …Look up the forum history …

This subject is generally just ignored here… What problem? . Hey your seeing things. Go and buy an add a 3rd party IR bridge and plug it into your €400 Homey that has IR hardware built in… That’s the answers you will get…

FYI… By the way, we all have 2-3 hours to respond to this thread (according to the forum admin) before this entire discussion is permanently closed…

Why is this discussion is being “closed”. . Well thats good question…?

Once closed this particular thread will also get de-rated which will mean that it will be harder to find on Google and will also be harder to find within the forum … Lost in history basically…

Why ? I don’t know… Other threads rarely get this… It’s interesting.

Sure this particular thread is not getting deleted, but being “de-rated” is basically the same thing…

If you can’t find it, it doesn’t exist …:face_with_monocle:

There are many another long running threads on this forum that have been going on for years that haven’t been closed …

There is also one other famous long running thread on this topic called. “The sad IR - infared misery” also being being closed recently after all these years ??

Same subject matter …? (Just by chance) That thread had been running for years and years . Now it’s also being closed and de-rated .

Its understandable if say a thread was an offical press release or announcement etc etc (not to be over run) , but these particular two threads are just “every day” posts and discussion’s by users on the forum with genuine concerns about the IR…

To close these two threads permanently is basically censorship. (If without any true , authentic , or valid reason)

De-rating is censorship…

Especially when “just by chance” is a subject that harms Athom . :smirk: hmmm

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Why? Because it is just becoming a complaining topic now, mostly coming from 1 person in particular, that is why it is going to be closed.
Maybe a good New year’s resolution for ya, less complaining constantly about the same topic, move on from Homey if it is that bad, and leaving the community with more positive thinking.


Before it is close could someone from Homey please confirm that what I want to do is no longer possible from the product?

An official response would be appreciated

Can I send an IR code to Homey and have it trigger a flow?

I understand it can no longer learn codes but would it work if I send a code it knows from its own database?


An official responds from Athom on new years eve? :thinking:

But just tried it, added a IR device and see if there are trigger cards.
But there are no trigger cards, only action cards (to send To the device).

So in short, no not possible.


Please see the welcome: Athom does usually not reply here:
For an official statement:

No because you have a choice,

the last more than 14 days of reply’s here where repeating of earlier answers.
Time has changed you got 100s of new features and Athom decided this one is not up to their quality standards and therefore removed and replaxced with a new better database.

Several community members have tried to help in a constructive way to find solutions or workarounts but the last weeks of reply’s did not really contributte to that. Now it is just repeating and complaining and I don’t allow comparing this with major World events.
You have choice and can do that on other fora or blogs. has nothing to do with censorchip.

I regret that i didn’t close it immediately.

therefor Closed