[App] Eurotronic Technology App (Stable: v3.0.1)

Would it be possible to be able to configure 1 decimal for temperature reporting?


Is " Eurotronic 700087 temperatur-fukt-sensor Plus’ supported.

I am not able to pair it with my Homey.

Yes, try this beta App:

Thanks. I will try.

J’utilisais cette app Eurotronic sur ma Homey malheureusement tombée en panne.
J’ai acquis la homey Bridge, mais il semble que l’app ne soit pas compatible… Mes vannes thermostatiques ne fonctionnent donc pas, et le froid arrive… Envisagez-vous de développer l’app pour Bridge, dans quel délai ?

@Morange My French is not very good, but I suppose the answer is:
try the test version of the eurotronics app Eurotronic Technology | Homey
The test version is compatible with homey bridge.

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As my French is also non existent I’m going to assume torche1969 answer is correct, the test version is available for Homey (bridge).

We (I) have been waiting for Athom to accept it into the (stable) app store for several weeks now, as they wanted to test most devices themselves, what they were waiting on to receive. (To receive the devices)

@Torch1969 @Caseda Thank you for your messages; I installed the uncertified app; I will be able to test …


I’m new to Homey. After playing around with openhab and Home Assistant, I thought I could Homey give a shot.

I’m not sure whether this is a Homey feature or if I’m experiencing a bug, but the Homey app seems not to display the current state of my Eurotronic Spirit Z-Wave Plus thermostats. I tried to figure out how a thermostat should behave, but all I cloudn’t find anything yet (Google, this forum).

First the tile representing the device in the app shows always the target temperature (comfortabel set to 22 C) even when the thermostat is turned off.

Screenshot 2021-11-21 at 11.50.54

Shouldn’t this be 6 C in a blue dot or something similar?

And the device card showing the current state tells me that it is heating up to 22 C although the thermostat is turned off.

Do I miss something? Should there be anything else than “heating up to” (wärmt auf in Richtung)?

Some data on my setup:

Homey Model states Home Pro Early 2019
Homey Version 7.1.6

Eurotronic App Version testet: v2.2.0 and just now v3.0.0

Eurotronic Valve has firmware ID 769, subversion 16, hardware version 49

I tried also a model that ist labeled with “Version 2” (at least on Amazon) which shows the same data for firmware/hardware versions. The only optical difference is the ring for mounting the thermostat onto the valve.

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,


For me it works with my test spirit.
Blue = cools down
black = target temperature is room temperature
red = heats


Hey, Undertaker!

Thanks for your feedback. The behavior of your Spirit is what I would have expected.

Firmware is the same as mine. Hardware appear also to be the same. I tried 3 different spirits here. Two older and a newly bought one.

Looking forward if someone might have an idea what I should look for. :thinking:

Kind regards,


Try to integrate the spirit unsecure. Code: 0000. I have made the experience that spirits like to malfunction if they are repeated too often or have been securely integrated.

@Undertaker Sure you use the mode to switch off? Or did you just set a temperature?

I can confirm, that homey is still showing the target temperature if the mode is set to off.
But that’s a behaviour I would expect. Homey is showing the capabilty and that is not changed if you change the mode The benefit is, that you can change the mode (to off if a window is opened) without changing the targeg temp. So if you close the windows and change the mode back, the last target temp is used.
And…you can change the target temp while the Spirit is ‘off’ if you have a timebased heating plan.

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Right. I never turn off the spirit. It is only controlled by changing the temperature.

I could not add the device unsecure. There has been a change.

But ok. As long as I do not change the thermostat mode to “Off”, I can see the expected behavior of the color of the temperature dot when it is heating/not heating. Even when its irritating that it still displays the last state like “heating” before it was shutdown and the last target temperature.

@Caseda Not knowing how the “tiles” or “buttons” representing a device are handled by Homey and how an app can interact with them: it would be nice when the buttons would be ghosted when thermostat is in state “Off” and no red dot when the last state was heating before turning to “Off”.

We have no control whatsoever on what Homey is being shown in the GUI in terms of the small dot in the main, or the color for the open device based on if the target temperature is higher (red), the same (grey) or lower (blue) then the measured temperature.

The behaviour will change (a bit) soon though, on request of Athom, after the update the target temperature will represent the mode too, so the economic temperature when the mode is economic, and 8 degrees when it is Off (should be 6, but that’s not possible in the current GUI of Homey as the range stops at 8).

In terms of how it works it won’t change, it is just purely visual.


Please, if i buy now the device Eurotronic 700201 Spirit Z-Wave Plus (2020)
Will it work or not?Thank you

All Spirit Thermostat Z-wave should be the same, if it doesn’t work it won’t be the app.

Have the spirits ever worked flawlessly? I would think twice about buying these things new. Better spend more and buy something better.

Which other you would prefer?