[APP][Pro] Zehnder ComfoConnect


I’ve made my second Homey PRO app. This time it allows me to control my Zehnder ComfoAir Q450 ventilation unit through the ComfoConnect LAN C module.

All code contributions are welcome!

The app is available here: Zehnder ComfoConnect App for Homey | Homey
Current test version (if available) can be found at: Zehnder ComfoConnect | Homey


Thanks for the app! But it crashes immediately after installation.

And where do I find the pin?

The default PIN is 0000. I’ll look for crashlog to see what’s happening. In the meantime please make sure app Settings are pointing to right IP and the PIN is set. Thanks for the feedback!

Allright. I tried adding the settings but they are not saved, probably because the app is automatically stopped.

Yup, I can see that it just crashes when handling empty settings. Will fix that shortly and push out another build. Sorry for the trouble, tested this SOLO and had the settings done and saved early in the process.

No problem, that’s what a community is for! :slight_smile: I’ll wait patiently.

Just sent 1.0.1 for certification. Please let me know if things are better after update :wink:

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I tried the test version 1.0.1 but that one still crashes.

1.0.3 works perfectly! :slight_smile: Many thanks.

Do you know how long it takes before values appear of the system?

Should appear a few seconds after the gateway is connected.

Did you get the device added? Are the values showing up? Can you control the unit?

The unit is correctly added and I can control it perfectly. But no values are shown.

Never mind. I restarted the app and they show up!

Cool, thanks for the info. I will need to work on that. So far I have a problem with how the underlying library handles device discovery. But it should be stable after the restart.

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Wow ! I am already waiting for this app for such a long time!
Is it possible to build in the balance mode (balance; exhaust only).
This way i can set to exhaust only when there is a lot PM2.5 in the air.

I think I can add that, but I don’t think that it makes much sense for the use case you’ve described.
If there’s a lot of PM2.5 outside, it’s best to just get an F7 filter for the intake and still keep things balanced. If you set it to exhaust only, you’ll create an underpressure inside your home (more air getting out than getting in through the ventilation). When that happens, that “missing” air still has to come from somewhere to balance out, so what will happen is that this missing air will start to get in through windows, slits, etc. (without any filtration).
So I think that the “exhaust only mode” would make sense only if the source of pollution is inside the building, which is rarely the case.
Anyhow, I’ll look into adding this in the app :wink:

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Thanks for your reply! The underpressure sure does cause that air is coming into de building from outside, but this is probably on ground level (it’s going through the Bora) instead on a higher level where the inlet is of the Zehnder (about 6 m above ground level;).
I already have F7 filters in my Zehnder and still have inconvenience

I see btw that it is already in the code (in settings).

Is it possible to add the bypass en boost function in the app?

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Hi All,

I’m trying to add my comfo connect but got the error message missing device parameter.

  • IP is fixed in router DHCP
  • IP is set in app, app restarted afterwards
  • pasword: 0000
  • Homey Pro 2023
    Any ideas?


It happens that a few moments a go a crash came back from the app, which was caused by wrong IP format. Maybe that was you?
Check if the IP is not appended with the CIDR mask format /24

Hi, same issue here. When adding the device I also receive the message “Missing Parameter: device.data”

In the ComfoAir App “Homey PRO” is listed under the tab “Manage Apps”.

Any suggestions?

Kind regards

(On homey pro 2023)