Sonoff Thermostat TRVZB

Hey all,

I’m pretty new here and just tried to setup a Sonoff thermostat TRVZB with homey pro. I can connect it as unknown device, but since there is no default app it does not work. The sonoff app does not support the thermostat (yet?).

I found out that Zigbee2MQTT seems to support this device but it would require additional setup, i.e. Raspberry PI with Zigbee adapter, what I do not want to buy just for this use case.

Does anyone have experience with this thermostat? Is there a way to connect any Zigbee thermostat somehow? Is the sonoff app updated for this device?

I could not find any further helpful information so any information would help.

Thank you in advance.


If it’s not supported, it’s not supported :man_shrugging:t3:

You can wait for the Sonoff app to be updated, but I don’t think anybody is able to tell you when it will be updated, and if your device will be supported then. So it’s up to you if you want to wait for it, or look for alternatives.

Do you know if there is an alternative that works with Zigbee or at least does not run over the cloud? Tado seems to have supported thermostats but they require a cloud connection

I think the TuYa Zigbee app supports various TRV’s. There’s also the Plugwise Zigbee app that supports the “Tom” TRV, and the Danfoss app supports two TRV’s.

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But only the Ally TRV is a Zigbee device.
Another Zigbee TRV is the POPP Smart Thermostat.

You can also ask the app developer in the Sonoff related topic (Link) if he is willing to include the Sonoff thermostat TRVZB.

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