Thermostatic Radiator Valve Zigbee 3 in Tuya

Hi there !

I try to connect this product
Moes BRT-100-TRV
protocol ZigBee 3
(I bought it here Vanne de radiateur thermostatique Programmable, Tuya Smart ZigBee, actionneur de radiateur TRV, contrôleur de température, prise en charge d'alexa smart home | AliExpress)

By using Tuya app in Homey, but it’s not reconized.

How can i force the connexion ? and use my TRV ?

I grab some informations about the product, and I found this

Thanks a lot

All info you need is here

And pssttt, there’s 3 Tuya apps

At the moment it is only possible to integrate the Tuya thermostats into Homey via the Conbee Stick. This Zigbee Stick recognizes the thermostats and can import them into Homey via the Conbee App (Community Store). Thermostats are planned in the Tuya Zigbee app, but have not yet been implemented.

Thank you for your help, i didn’t know how works Homey community for adding devices not supported.

I try to ask Tuya zigbee developpers Johan Bendz.

I’m trying to add the same thermostatic radiator valve zigbee controller…

I also tryed to ask for Johan Bendz help but without response.

I don’t have the skills to create an app to control them.
I’m sure the informations that you found could be enough for someone.

I would be pleased to offer a donation of 50€ for anybody creating an app for us :slight_smile:

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Hi, you can reach Johan here, AND there you’ll find how to request support for a new device.
(BTW It’s the same link as I posted 3 posts above yours :grimacing:)

Yes, but still no answer or update for Homey supporting thermostatic valve controler.
That’s a shame, if i knew it i didn’t bought Homey, and prefer Jeedom as well.

Integrating thermostats is not as simple as a switch. Please bear in mind that the developer is programming the app in his spare time and does not receive any money for it. So we should not expect miracles.

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I don’t blame him especially, but the system how works homey. It handles on people who are doing app/integration for fun on their free time… but on the other hands users paid a lot to have domotic box and it simply doesn’t work with a lot of gears.
I just bought a smoke detector and it doesn’t work with Tuya on Homey, but it works with Tuya on Jeedom. That’s a shame too !!!

Tried it today. Homey add the thermostat as an unknown device. With an Popp thermostat it can work according to Homey.

Does anyone know if Moe’s thermostatic valves work for the Homey yet

See post #2