Thermostat ts601

I have a thermostat TS601. Is an Radiator valve with thermostat.
This thermostat works perfectly with Tuya app, but i think it is not easy to map it to homey.
I found this topic:

There are some command to get the information i need.
Is it possible to write/get some script just for changing the actual preset?

I am able to set all the program without tuya or homey. I have on my mind this flow:
When the last person leave the home
Then set preset to ECO

When first person enter to house
Then set preset to schedule.


1st, it’s possible to use the Tuya Cloud app. But then your zigbee valve controller communicates (partly) via internet, which is a bit odd. It should work fine though.

2nd, the test version of the Tuya Zigbee app supports these:

Valve Controller

_TYZB01_ymcdbl3u / TS0111
_TZ3000_o4cjetlm / TS0001
_TYZB01_4tlksk8a / TS0001 (Test version only)
_TZ3000_tvuarksa / TS0001 (Test version only)
_TZ3000_j9568h44 / TS0001 (Test version only)
_TZ3000_iedbgyxt / TS0001 (Test version only)

You can try if it works, otherwise you can request for support here

Did you get anywhere with this? I’ve spent some hours trying to make this thermostat work with Homey but the device doesn’t seem to expose the right clusters.