Nedis Zigbee Smart Radiator Thermostat - how to connect

Hi, today I received Nedis Zigbee Radiator Thermostats. As there is no Nedis app, and the Tuya app does not yet support zigbee radiator buttons, how to connect these to Homey?
I need advice/assist to do so, who can help me out?

(why not buy something supported by an app :upside_down_face: :hugs: )

Oki, Vincent,
How did you check if your valve controller is or isn’t supported by the Tuya Zigbee app?
Here’s the instructions.

These models are supported, it can be Tuya or whitelabels like Nedis:

In theory:
When you’re in a hurry, buy a Lidl zigbee hub, connect it to Tuya or Smart life phone app, pair the thermostat knob with it, and install Tuya Cloud app (but, this obviously uses the cloud).
This way you’ll be able to control it, and send data / commands to Homey.
When you can’t add it as device, you can use this workaround

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Thanks Peter,
This does reassure me it will work.

Btw I bought it cause it was advertised to work with homey :slightly_smiling_face:


YW, Vincent.

The issue with zigbee Tuya devices is, the Nedis / white label models can look all the same, but they often tend to use slightly different firmware in each batch. To Homey it is then a different device, which needs to be added to the app by the developer.

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