Radiator valve without hub

I am looking for a smart radiator valve that connects directly to Homey, without the need for a separate hub or thermostat.
The idea is that I can close my bathroom radiator between 9 am and 9 pm, when the regular heating installation is working. I am aware that if my general heating is not active, the radiatior valve will not start the heating progress. It is only meant to save energy in the event the general heating is active.

Any suggestions?

You can use every Zigbee or ZWave valve which is supported by Homey. There are several apps for in the app store.
There you can search for a possible solution for you.
It depends on your other devices - to use a existing Zigbee or ZWave mesh.

I use Eurotronic Spirit (Zigbee, the first charge) without problems. Some users have problems with it, mostly with newer versions.
For ZWave I can’t give a hint. Other users will do :wink:

Thanks. I was looking at the Eurotronic Zwave version indeed. My Zwave mesh covers the entire house, Zigbee mainly the ground floor.

So every kind of ZWave valve supported by a app would be fine for you…but you can wait until other users can recommend a brand. But that’s mostly a personal preference.

I have to correct me :blush:
My Eurotronics are ZWave. Sorry, I have many Zigbee devices except these valves.

Hi I have Fibaro ones and they are a nightmare to be honest sometimes they work sometimes they don’t some pair some don’t!
Homey have said they are aware of issue with Fibaro devices but no idea when a solution will be found!
Anyone recommend a good radiator valve that does not cost the earth!
I have already spent a lot on Fibaro ones! It’s almost cheaper to change from Homey but I like Homey

I bought a bunch of zigbee tuya valves from aliexpress relatively cheap. Work with the tuya cloud app but you have to subscribe as a develloper with tuya and renew your subscription after a month and then every 6 mnths. There are good instructions but it is no walk in the park. When you get the tuya hub with ethernet and possibly one or more extenders you can easily get things done in the tuya app. Sporadically the valve is not able to fully close against the force of hhe stadsverwarming. I have a flow to detect this (valves have temp measuring) and heat up and reclose. Usually works. Might want to calibrate the valve without pressure and the valve screwed on a bit loose then retighten.

It is very expensive at €80, but the Shelly TRV is the best smart home thermostat for me at the moment. It runs on a battery for 24 months and is registered with Homey via WLAN.

Which app are you using for your Shelly TRV? The Homey Shelly app doesn’t seem to support it. Do those TRV work without internet connection or are they cloud-based?

The Homey Shelly App

Yes, the Homey app fully supports the TRV.

The TRVs can, but do not have to be connected to the cloud. With Homey, they work without an internet connection.

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Great, thanks for the info!