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This is my first post on here - I have been looking at changing controller for the past couple of weeks now - very impressed what I have seen up to now - I have had a couple of Z Wave controllers for the past 8 years now which is at end of life - so have quite a few devices that I have collected over the years - I have found answers on a few things that will work but not sure if everything will work - I was hoping that someone could answer these questions

Will these devices work ?
Aeon Labs Minimote Remote Control work
Secure SRT321 Thermostat
Secure SSR 302 Boiler Receiver
Is the Logitech Harmony remote still supported as its been discontinued

Thanks for any help

Here are (almost) all the apps that are available for Homey, in the apps is described what devices can be controlled via that app.

The other apps are here:

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These definitely both work - they are the same ones I have.

That’s great news - I can tick them off the list - Thank you

The harmony hub is supported:

The minimote also is supported:

Thank you

When you set up the Secure thermostat and boiler relay did you use associations so the stat can bypass the homey being able to control the temperature direct from the Thermostat

Yes, I added the SSR302 device ID as an association in group 2 on the SRT 321 so that the thermostat directly controls the heating by association. Then my heating schedule flows in Homey all control the temperature of the thermostat and it in turn controls the heating by association. The hot water device in the SSR302 I control directly with Homey flows.

This way, other family members can easily change the temp on the SRT321 without needing to do anything with Homey and I also get the benefit of the safety features of the SSR302 whereby it will turn off the heating automatically if it’s not heard from the thermostat in a while.

Thank you for that clarification - I’m just checking everything I can think of before moving to a different controller - having a Vera for over 8 years it’s time to retire it and move on