Looking to move to Homey - advice please


I am looking from moving from a PC based HA to an appliance based one.

I am looking for it to control/monitor:-

Hue - has some zigbee/Ikea bulbs/LED Strips in there
ChannelsDVR would be bonus
Zwave - wide range
RFXCOM/Oregon Temp Sensors/Lightwave switches
Ring Doorbell
Nokia/Canary Cameras (would be a bonus)
Foscam Cameras
Controlled by Alexa
Hopefully HomeKit support
Unifi (for presence )

And prime importance :-

Spirit TRVs (zwave) - I have 8 of them
Secure/Hortsman Heating and hot water Zwave controllers/thermostats

I need to make each room its own zone, and each room have different temp settings throughout the day - i.e. drop to 17c at night - warm to 20C during day and 21C during evening - and preferably able to use remote sensors (mixed bag of Hue Motion Sensors - Temp, zwave multi sensors, Oregon Temp sensors)

Ultimately be able to present an interface to my better half that she can control without any knowledge of HA.

Preferably by telling Alexa to Boost Temp in the lounge (Temp SetPoint increased by 2C for 30 minutes)

Extras would be being able to detect if anyone is in the house (all use iPhones) if everyone leaves and goes more than 20 minute journey away turn heat down and be able to detect when within 20 minutes journey back home turn heat back up to normal

Would be very helpful to set rooms to dormant - i.e. a Guest Mode - turns on zwave sockets and increases TRV temp to normal from dormant mode.

A lot to ask - I know - but would really like to know if possible?

Also what is the limit of number of Apps that can be added and run well on a standard Homey?

Any feedback much appreciated.



Hi Mike,

Why don’'t you check out the Homey App site https://apps.athom.com/ or https://www.athom.com/en/ to see wich of your devices are compatible and suported by Homey.
I believe Athom is still working on support for security camera’s. My ‘old’ 2017 first edition Homey is running about 25 different apps without any problems, alltough Athom set the adviced limit to 16 apps.
So my Homey speech is now and then a bit stuttering overhere, but everything works fine. The latest Homey Pro can handlle atleast 40 apps.


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It looks like everything is covered just wary as a lot of the Apps are rated low, so a little concerned.

I’ll probably plunge for the Pro to give me some headroom for later.



I dont think you have to worry to much about those low ratings. Lots of app developers are active here on the community forum and users can contact them easly to ask for improvements, adding stuff or solving problems with the app. So at the end there are almost no apps with big issues.
All the apps Athom creates are also verry well maintained, and in case of a problem you can contact them easy to help you out. In some cases you’ll can find even a alternative, or a Béta app for the same device.



Many thanks for your responses, much appreciated.

I am about to pull the trigger on the Pro, just need to check a couple of other things.

I have about 150 different devices around the house, Hue, zwave, zigbee, rfxcom, lightwaverf (mostly switches) and a few things I monitor like Ring, Plex, presence etc.

In Homey terms that means about 22 apps, hence the Pro to give me headroom.

You have been extremely helpful, thanks.


Just ordered a Pro :slight_smile:

I’ll run it up to do the heating first, then look at transferring everything across.

Thanks for your help.