[APP][Pro] Secure / Horstmann app

This app supports the Secure / Horstmann devices in homey.


Currently supported devices:

Supported Devices

SRT323 Thermostat

SRT321 Thermostat

SES302 Temperature Sensor

SES303 Temperature/Humidity Sensor

HRT4ZW Boiler control switch

Beta V0.1.7 should support SSR302 with both channels (available in appstore any day now)



I opened an issue on Github.

Hoping you might support the SIR321

Hi just received my Homey yesterday and trying to install Secure RT321 thermostat

When I add the 321 through Secure App I get following instructions:

as the Homey App won’t work in landscape and you can’t zoom in or out or pan left to right I cannot get the critical info OR see the URL for full instructions…

Sooooo close yet sooooo far…
Anyway the text could be wrapped to the screen so you can read it?

I’ll go off and find manuals as they may give insight, it would be extremely useful to be able to read these instructions.

Mine is a little better

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This is from the source code

"instruction": {
					"en": "Put thermostat in installer mode(dip switch 1 On), turn the dial to ‘L’ and press the dial.   Full instructions: https://forum.athom.com/discussion/comment/42270/#Comment_42270",
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Very helpful, appreciated …

Hopefully the App will be updated to make it a little easier for new users :slight_smile:

When looking at the Device Secure RT321 you have screen Thermostat Mode see…

What is this for ? What does it do ?

Any ideas would be helpful …



Did someone manage to add the SES 002 attached to a SES 303?

Trying to include the Srt323 but after the include process there is no thermostat a short error is visible.
Homey is having latest version.
In domiticz it was working good.

Is there a fix for the problem I have?


Hello every body
I’m new here and alreeady very disapointed.
About the message you cannot read, it’s written : https://community.homey.app/discussion/comment/42270/#Comment_42270 but this page does’nt exist.
I can see you have some difficulties when trying to include SECURE SRT 323 or 321 or else.
I’m like you.
I read and erspect the whole procedure but at the end “failed” and no new thermostat.
I tried with 3 units, and same result.
Is there anybody here who succeded ?

I can’t add my SRT 323 at all!? Homey finds it but doesn’t add it!? What am I doing wrong??? I removed it and retried multiple times.
/ Kenneth

Hi Kamer,
I confirm it’s very difficult to add SRT 323 with Homey.
I succeed only one time and only with one SRT 323.
For the others it was impossible.
Later, after resetting my Homey I couldn’t add any SRT ! None…
That was one more reason to send it back to my customer.
Next box will be Jeedom. I hope it will be better.
Good luck.

So there is no one here who can fix it?

I bet @Priknr1 can fix that for ya but he was last seen in march on the forums so…

I am Sorry guys, I don’t see myself making any changes soon.
I am rebuilding a new home, and my wife just gave birth to a healthy girl.

Besides the app is still SDK v1, so not compatible with homey V3. It needs a rewrite, and it is too complicated for me right now. I suggest to lobby around here to find another developer to take this over.

Congratz m8!

Congrats on your new family member, Patrick!

Where then can one find someone willing to take over this project!? I have no knowledge what so ever about these things.

Another thing, how come the Homey generic z-wave can’t find the SRT 323?

/ Kenneth

Did u read this post Kenneth?

Yes Roco, and I did all those things too, numerous times. I’ve searched the net now for two days and nothing have worked yet. The Homey and SRT323 connects, but it isn’t added!?