Secure SSR302 ZWave Heating and Hot Water Controller


Just got a new Homey Pro trying to add my central Heating and Hot Water controller.

The Secure SSR302.

I have had a look at the Secure App but it does not support this device.

How can I get this working - is there a generic way to add this ZWave Controller?


I found the Add Z-Wave in the Homey App of devices .

I have located the Homey device 4 inches from the Secure SST302, put the SSR302 into Learn Mode (Include) and added the device in Homey where the Homey interface says Please put your Z-Wave device in ‘Learn mode’.

How long does this normal take they have been sat there doing this for 20 mins now and no sign of movement.

How long should I give it?

I can successfully Include and Exclude into another ZWave controller using the Aeotec ZWave device.

So I know the SSR302 is operating correctly.

When adding the SSR302 - it is correctly identified by the Zwave controller as a Dual Relay device and it shows the Full name of Secure SSR302.

This is a show stopper, if the Homey cannot control the heating system :frowning:

I hope there is a simple fix.



If the device is not supported by a/the app, then it will only work as a simple on/off device, nothing more, nothing less.

So the easiest solution is to ask the developer to add it into the app,
The 2nd easiest is to return this one, and buy one that is supported by Homey.
the 3th easiest is to add support for it yourself.


Ok thanks, I can’t find any Homey supported Heating/Hot Water relay controllers

The SSR302 cannot be included in Homey even as a basic on/off switch.

With the issues around 433Hz plus not working with my ZWave Heating/Hot water means back to plan A.

Pity Homey looked so good and operated so well.

The SSR302 was previously supported, last May, but the App was broken so stopped me migrating then.

I thought I had seen an update where it was fixed and not, is appears removed.

I hold Homey in high regard, but have run into a wall for this.

Thank you so much for responding. Very much appreciated.