Heating & Hot Water Module Help

Hey Guys

Any help would be much appreciated

I have been using the Secure SSR 302 for quite a few years new to turn the Hot Water and Heating on and off unfortunately it’s not working as it should anymore I’ve done the usual testing with it making sure it’s the SSR 302

I want to replace it with something that is more up to date as that unit has been around for years – wondering what other people use for their heating and hot water – The boiler is Heat Only gravity fed system so need a duel channel controller – this will be linked up to the Heatit Thermostat Z-TRM3 to control the heating


Hi @woto
Please let us know how you find a solution for this.

This is how I sorted my problem

As I had three wires to control the hot water and heating I couldn’t just use the Fibaro 2 channel switch as the hot water has a NC connection when not running - had a thought that I could wire a double pole relay on to the Fibaro switch so when it’s turned off it would still have the NC connection and operate like the SSR302 - The only thing that it doesn’t have is a fail safe but I could make a flow for that - I’m going to 3d print a cover and fit two neon lights to indicate when either the hot water or heating are on - as you can see in the picture the Fibaro double switch is wired to the relay - also a picture of the wire diagram of the SSR302 - when I have the cover and lights fitted will update the post

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