How to control boiler & zone valves with Homey


Can anybody help me work out how to control boiler & zone valves with Homey?

I have:

Ground Floor: 4 underfloor heating zones with HeatIt Z-Wave thermostats working with Markus Kling’s Heating Scheduler App (Thanks @Markus).


First Floor: 7 radiators upstairs with Popp Z-Wave TRVs

The radiators are currently run using a Fibaro Homecenter 2 "Heating Panel" app. I’d like to move the control of these to Homey, but I don’t know how.

Currently the Fibaro Homecenter heating panel app “automatically tells” one of 4 x Fibaro Double Switch 2 relays (FGS 223) that are wired via a wiring centre to the boiler and zone valves, if one of the Popp TRVs calls for heat, according to the set points in “Heating Panel” time schedule, or manually from the TRV being set. I didn’t set-up the Fibaro Homecenter, but I think it does this somehow by having first created a link between the relays and the TRV thermostats

Here is the wiring diagram:

I also need to work out how to have the hot water (stored in the cylinder) be heated according to a time schedule. (I tried also installing Logi Heating Scheduler, beta 2.0.2, from @SpecialCircumstances for hot water control but it doesn’t see my thermostats yet)

Would greatly appreciate some guidance on whether or not I can set-up it up to work with just apps, or if not with the necessary flows.

Many thanks

Nobody knows how to do this?

Heya. I have something like this setup … in fact I have a dual fibaro switch controlling two 240v DPDT relays in line with y plan wiring to provide override of the two channels from the boiler controller. One allows for heating override (call for heat via external script currently) the other allows for hot water schedule via flows.
LHS should work with any device with thermostat capability. Try restarting the app If it’s not behaving correctly.

PS I would not recommend running both LHS and Marcus’s app at the same time, and I’d note his is far more developed.

Thanks for your reply. Would you mind elaborating on this:

How do you trigger the call for the boiler to turn on from your scheduler?

In case anyone reads old threads, it seems there are now 2 solutions to trigger the boiler heat demand.

One is to create 2 flows for each radiator. One that switches a relay connected to the boiler demand, when the temperature falls below the radiator set temperature (and the other flow the reverse).

The other solution would be to use the VThermo app, which is supposed to achieve the same without needing flows. For this, you would need to create a virtual VThermo and make sure relay is designated in it’s settings as a heater, and in the same Homey Zone as the VThermo and thermostat (e.g. Popp TRV or Aeotec multisensor).