Need help for new Z-wave device

Hi, I have a Z-wave device which is currently not supported by Homey. It is a Vero Duco grating device unit which opens and closes a ventilation device which is mounted on top of several windows in my house.

Z-wave product info:

I am able to get the device paired in a Fibaro HC Lite, but would like to have it working in Homey instead. In the Fibaro system it is recognized as multilevel switch with a slider (like a dimmer) with a temp sensor. I have the Fibaro device template available which I can share.

I now my way around the Fibaro and Homey systems, but unfortunate I do not have any coding skills and there I am not able to code something or make an app for it to be able to have it work with Homey. So, I am looking for somebody who can help with doing that. Paid/not paid.

Please respond or send a dm in case you are willing to help me. Many thanks.