Heatit ztemp2


I have an issue, i guess it might be more understanding then problematic

I have several Fibaro double switch2 that I am trying to controll with several heatit ztemp2. When i associate to the double switch id, nothing happens.
In my old system, Fibaro HC, this works flawless.
What am I doing wrong?

Please read this topic, I guess this will answer your question.

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Thanks! I will give this a try.

Is this something I should have known? I mean, it seems like there is alot of information about these solutions, but how does one know where to start?

Just start with Search on the community with smart keywords. and read…
Then ask…

But when you see how much time some have read here on the community you don’t have to excuse for that.
Experience is something you get by participating here


Ok, this worked out for me. Thanks for the tip!

Allthough, the only way I can change the setpoint, has to be physically on the thermostat - through the app does nothing.

Any ideas, will be accepted with thanks!

Because I don’t own a HeatIt Z-Temp just another tip only, sorry.
Ask this question in the related thread:

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Hi, you have now included the device unsecure on the new version of the Heatit app on Homey and you are unable to set a setpoint?