Heatit Z-Push Button 4 not working


I need some help.
I have a Heatit Z-Push Button 4 and want it to Switch on and of a Fibaro Single Switch and a Fibaro Dimmer 2.
What I have done is set Association Group 2 at Z-Push Button set to "6 the Device id of the Fibaro Switch and Assosiation Grop 3 to 7 the Device id of the Dimmer 2… Then wake up with I and O for 3-4 sec and Save Successfully with logging in the Developer tool Z-wave.
But nothing woork. Then I made av flow with the Z-Push Button Scene, linked to both Fibaro device, nothing woork.
In the Developer tool and Z-wave log there is no action when I push a button on the Z-Push Button.
I can controll both Fibaro single Switch and Dimmer 2 in my Homey app and with Philips Hue button with Flow.
Anyone who can help?

Even all single devices use ID’s for multi-node devices, so you shoud set your association ID’s ending in .1 so the id’s should me 6.1 and 7.1

Thank you Edwin.
I got an answer from Developer, there is an known issue after Homey V 7.

But associations, once set, do not require intervention form the app. You still should use the 6.1 and 7.1. The only thing I can imagine is that the Heat-it app does not correctly write the associations to the button.

The upside of associations is that, one set, they work even though Homey is off. There wil be a few seconds delay though, because the button will wait for a timeout to Homey before dispatching the associations.

Thank you Edwin
I,ll do like you told me 6.1 and 7.1
Will try it When I,m Home later.